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Dear Mum-to-be

You are going to have a baby and your life is going to change. That’s not a bad thing; being a mother is amazing. It has been a wonderful and challenging journey for me and I wouldn’t change a thing, it has made me who I am today and has influenced everything that I do.

When you are pregnant it’s all about you. Take this time to relax and enjoy but also take the time to prepare. Do all you can do you can do to make for an easier birth and postnatal journey. Make yourself strong mentally and physically – you are about to embark upon potentially the most physically demanding job that you have ever done. It starts with a marathon and has no end.

When your baby comes you might feel like you’ve lost yourself for a while – that’s normal, we all feel a little like that but it’s important you stay connected with you. When the time is right and you are coming out of the haze take time to get know yourself again. Prepare now to hold onto you. Know yourself and carry that with you into motherhood – try not to just become the identity that labels you ‘mum’. To be a better mother, wife, partner, lover and individual this is essential. You will love your baby(s) but they must not define you. You define you.

You children will take up much of your day as they will much of your heart but not the whole. You must hold a part of your heart and a part of your day that is just for you. Only you can decide how big that part is. Some of us need to hold more of ourselves to survive than others, but every single one of us needs some part that belongs only to us. Remember to allow space to let that part shine bright, so bright that you can never ignore it. Nurture it in the way that is best for you and know that each of us is different. There is no right or wrong but you must allow yourself to be selfish and to give yourself the time to nurture you too.

When your baby is born take the time to remember the person you were before you became a mother, before your life was forever entangled with another. The bold and bright woman that you were and that you need to maintain. Your light may fade for a little while, as it does in many of us when we forget to nurture ourselves, when we become so consumed with motherhood that it consumes us. Know that the brighter your light shines the more you are able to guide both yourself and your babies through this world.

Love Jen x

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