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Do you want to achieve YOUR best ever body but are struggling to find the time to work out? Then Body Beyond Baby is for you!

Designed by mums, for mums and run by mums Body Beyond Baby offers group exercise sessions for mums with onsite childcare. With over eight years experience and having looked after hundreds of mums to help them re-gain their sense of self and body confidence we now cater for mums in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and have affiliate partnerships on the North Shore and South of Sydney, Geelong and Glen Iris in Victoria and the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand.

Body Beyond Baby and our affiliate sessions are structured around the fact that you have given birth: we work closely with Women’s Health Physio’s to ensure we know what is happening on the inside. We work to look after your pelvic floor, assess for abdominal separation and re-train muscles that have been relaxed for some time. Our specific way of training encourages the knitting back together of the abdominal muscles, stretch out tight muscles and strengthen important postural muscles. Add to this our cardiovascular and resistance exercises and you have a fantastic well-rounded postnatal workout.

We can cater to all fitness levels by making exercises easier or harder, so whether you are six weeks or six months postpartum, we will find your groove and ensure you enjoy a challenging and fulfilling workout.

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