Meet your Trainers


Jen Dugard, Director and Founder of Body Beyond Baby and Tough Mums

(Eastern Suburbs and Inner West)


I am on a mission. I am passionate about redefining what it means to be a mother in Australia today. While previously it has been all about looking after the baby and children, I am showing mums another way. I am bringing back communities through exercise; building support networks for mums and challenging mums take time out for themselves.

Having gone through PND, remained fit and active after the birth of my two children, and having launched Body Beyond Baby after the birth of my son in 2008 I would love to encourage all mums to remember and connect to who they are at their essence (and who they were pre-children), to think big and really go after their ultimate picture of life. Through pursuing my own physical fitness passion, as an elite obstacle racer and sharing my adventures both with my children and alone I aim to lead by example and I know that when mum is happy and healthy, there is only ever a positive impact on her children and the people around her.

My message on exercise as a mum is simple: “you must take the time to re-build from the inside out to become stronger, fitter and more confident that you have ever been”.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Pre and postnatal group exercise
  • Abdominal separation rehabilitation and core control
  • Postural and functional strength for mums
  • Where to next? Helping women work out where they are in their pelvic floor and abdominal recovery journey, what to do next and assessing all options
  • Lifestyle change for the whole family
  • Obstacle Racing

Rebuilding from the inside out is the most important aspect of beginning exercise after having a baby. Ensuring you build strong foundations will help to keep you free from the aches and pains that can go hand-in-hand with motherhood.

I truly believe that life doesn’t end when you become a Mother, in fact, the journey and the fun is just beginning. You now have little people to guide and help to mould and the more we fulfil ourselves, follow our dreams, share our adventures and show them they can do anything they put their mind to if they are prepared to work hard enough.


Having grown the now largest ‘specific to mums’ group exercise classes in Sydney, I have chosen not to go down the road of licensing or franchising choosing instead to mentor other mum focussed fitness businesses and personal trainers  to become Body Beyond Baby affiliates, in turn creating a collaboration where their businesses thrive and more and more mums are looked after safely and effectively in their exercise environment.

In October of 2016 my course for fitness professionals “Safe Return to Exercise” was accredited by Fitness Australia for 12CEC’s – and I am excited about now being able to officially contribute to leading the way in trainer education for those working with mums.

I want to spread my message as far a field as possible, I want to change the way mums are trained and they way they view life as a mum BUT I know this mission is so much bigger than just me; working hand in hand with other fitness businesses, health and medical professionals is the way forward.

In 2013 Body Beyond Baby was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in Anthills Top 100 Cool Company Awards in 2014 and gained a place in the Anthill Smart 100 in both 2013 and 2014. The business received a Silver award in the Australian Health and Fitness Awards in 2013 and Gold in 2014.  Body Beyond Baby also received a Highly Commended award in Waverley Council’s Brightest & Best Business Awards in 2014. In 2016 Body Beyond Baby was the NSW state winner in Fitness Australia’s Active Communities award.

In 2013 I published the book “How to Love your Body as much as your Baby” and produced the postnatal DVD “Rebuild from the Inside Out” in 2009. I deliver regular presentations and workshops both to mums and fellow personal trainers. I have written for and/or appeared in various media publications both on and offline including; Mother, Baby & Toddler, Body + Soul, Who Magazine, Shape Magazine, The Sun Herald, and The Daily Telegraph to name just a few. I also appeared on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine in 2013.

Put simply, I want to lead the way in training mums and provide profound insights that are changing the ways that hundreds of women are viewing their life as a mother.

My Qualifications

  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness – Master Trainer
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Burrell Education Modern Postnatal Exercise
  • Studio Pilates Matt Certificate
  • Women Health and Fitness Summit attendee 2014 & 2016
  • TRX Trainer
  • Kettle Bell Levels 1&2
  • Spartan SGX Coach
  • HIRT Coach
  • Children’s Trainer
  • Older Adult Trainer
  • Registered Fitness Professional (Fitness Australia)
  • Senior and Kids Care First Aid