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Our affiliate relationships are those we have formed with other mum focused fitness businesses and personal trainers that align closely with our beliefs and philosophies. We choose to partner with those that operate within our Safe Return to Exercise policies and procedures. All of our affiliates partner with Women’s Health Physiotherapists to ensure their women are properly looked after from the inside out.


Why we have chosen affiliates rather than licensing (or other growth avenues)

A message from Jen

After eight years in the mums fitness space I had explored various growth options and ways to expand. What became apparent is that many of the mum focussed personal trainers and fitness instructors that I really wanted to work with were hugely passionate about what they do, committed to their clients and building their business and really wanted to grow something ‘of their own’.

Originally this was frustrating yet intriguing – how could I create a situation whereby we could still work together and support each other yet grow and have ownership over our own ‘babies’?

With this in mind, in mid 2016 I launched our affiliate and mentor program and created our very first affiliate partnership. Following this initial success in early 2017 we have now welcomed two more awesome mum-focussed fitness business into the fold. I am super excited about  not only working individually with each of these businesses but also how we all come together as a team.

As a collaboration we have the potential to support each other and to look after more and more mums returning to exercise after having their babies.

Mums Going Strong Fitness:  Sydney, Australia – North Shore; Lane Cove and Willoughby

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Our Sydney North Shore mums fitness business affiliate was founded by mum of one, Magdalena Hawley, and runs both mums and bubs group exercise sessions with onsite childcare, along with her six-week core and pelvic floor restore program.

Mags and baby

Bio: Magdalena is mum to her very energetic little boy, founder and head trainer of Mums Going Strong Fitness.  She has been in the fitness industry since 2000 and has worked in Poland, England and Australia.  Her mission is to educate women about the importance of becoming strong from the inside out after childbirth.

Magdalena believes postnatal exercise is essential to restore the normal physiology and function of your body after childbirth. However too many mums do too much too soon; I was one of them! When her son was 19 months old, she was diagnosed with a prolapse and informed that all the exercises she had been doing (i.e., heavy lifting, running and jumping) could make it even worse.

After this experience, Mag’s decided to learn as much as she could about postnatal fitness in order to help other mums avoid all these common mistakes when they are returning to exercise after having their babies. She says “It’s not just about fat loss; you need to get strong from the inside out. You can have the best body ever, even after having children, but you need to do it the right way.” And that is how Mums Going Strong Fitness was born.

Mags and clientMagdalena now considers herself lucky to have been able to use her experience as a motivation to help others; she knows there are many mums who feel like their body has let them down after finding out that they have a prolapse. They feel alone, lost and depressed!

This is why she is so passionate about educating mums about their bodies, the changes that take place during pregnancy and labour along with nutrition and why what you eat matters and how it can impact your energy levels and recovery post-birth.

Her mission is to help mums feel happy and confident while achieving their health and fitness goals in a safe, social and inviting environment.

Session times:

Monday 9.30 & 10.45am – Willoughby

Wednesday 9.30 & 10.45am – Willoughby

Thursday 9.30am – Lane Cove

Friday 9.30am – Willoughby

Mums Going Strong Fitness are holding their next trial weeks from the 17th July – 6th August2017 and invite you to come along with your bub to give them a go.

We would love to personally introduce you to Magdalena and Mums Going Strong Fitness so if you have a question or would like to book your trial session please get in touch with us here and we will put you in touch.

You can also check out the Mums Going Strong Fitness website here.

Active Soul:  Auckland, New Zealand – North Shore; Birkenhead / Northcote Point

227386_204207349616892_951408_nOur very first New Zealand based affiliate was founded by Christie Houghton. Active Soul specialises in working with Mums in fitness, health and wellbeing. Providing outdoor group exercise classes and personal training sessions in a supportive and encouraging environment.

img_4814Bio: Christie created Active Soul seven years ago alongside the realisation that all too often Mums put everything else ahead of themselves – and while this has to happen sometimes – it’s easy to completely lose sight of their own needs. Christie understands that being a Mum can be a juggling act but has an empathetic and special way of reminding all of the mums she works with that in taking time for themselves, rebuilding fitness from the inside out and enjoying a workout will be better equipped them deal with everyday life both physically and emotionally.

Christie is a strong believer in leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle and set up Active Soul to encourage and img_4930support other women to achieve their health and fitness goals. She is passionate about ensuring Mums look after their bodies, return to exercise post pregnancy safely and achieve that constant balance we strive for between being a Mum, career women, partner and having essential time out for themselves. Christie prides herself on being positive, enthusiastic and motivating, catering to their individual needs in a fun and supportive environment so they feel fitter, stronger and filled with a sense of achievement.

Session Times

Monday  6am – Stafford Park  & 3.15pm Birkenhead Primary (child friendly)

Tuesday  7pm Traveling from Birkenhead Primary

Wednesday 6am Birkenhead Primary

Thursday 9.30am  Stafford park – (onsite childcare)

Friday 6am – Birkenhead Primary

Sunday  8.30am Traveling (location changes within Northcote / Birkenhead each week)

Active Soul are holding their next trial weeks from the 24th July – 13th August  2017 and invite you to come along  to give them a go.

We would love to personally introduce you to Christie and Active Soul so if you have a question or would like to book your trial session please get in touch with us here and we will put you in touch.

You can also check out the Active Soul website here.

Strong Fit Mums: Victoria, Australia – Geelong


Our Geelong based mum focussed fitness business affiliate was founded by mum of two, Louise Viveiros.

Bio: Louise describes herself as a very ‘normal’ Mum, who struggles through thedsc_9682 day-to-day with the best of them and lives by my motto “When I can, I do. When I can’t, I breathe”. Originally from the UK, Louise immigrated to Australia and now raises her young tribe away from the support of family.

She has been in the fitness industry since 2009 but it wasn’t until she became a Mum that she truly understood the value of her skills.

Her Postnatal Fitness Business, Strong Fit Mums, was born from her own reality, not as a Personal Trainer but, as a Woman who struggled with her transition into Motherhood. The reality of feeling utterly lost, isolated and in a body she no longer recognized or understood. At her weakest moment (physically from the discovery that she had a significant Diastasis Recti, mentally with a generalized 14469593_1805035023104626_6813812468540618733_nanxiety disorder and emotionally from the acute lack of sleep) she grew to understand and recognize the strength that every Woman has in her physical self and she recognised how much our bodies support our mental and emotional wellbeing – if we are physically strong our minds are strong too.

As a Specialist Postnatal Trainer she is dedicated to helping Mums to move, lift and laugh by getting them strong in body, mind AND soul. She is as passionate about the mindset of busy Mums as she is about the strength rehab and exercise work. By training her body in the right way after kids (with education, professional help, awareness and patience) she is now the strongest she has ever been.

Session Times

Tuesday 9.30am – Geelong

Thursday 9.30am – Geelong

Strong Fit Mums are holding their next trial weeks from the 17th July – 6th August 2017 and invite you to come along to give them a go.

We would love to personally introduce you to Louise and Strong Fit Mums so if you have a question or would like to book your trial session please get in touch with us here and we will put you in touch.

You can also check out the Strong Fit Mums website here.

Heart Body & Soul Mums: Victoria, Australia, Glen Iris

HB&S FB-35Our Glen Iris based mum focussed fitness business was founded by mum of three (now teenagers) Jacqui Toohey.

Bio: Jacqui first entered the fitness industry back in the days when g-strings were worn on the outside of lycra hotpants,IMG_0369.CR2 step REEBOK was the latest aerobics craze, and personal training was only just gaining traction. Fast forward a decade and Jacqui had exchanged g-strings for comfy undies in the transition to a full-time mum at home with three children under five. Three very different pregnancies, births, recoveries and impacted on her physically and emotionally.

To combat the overwhelming feeling of losing her sense of self, she started running. Pretty soon Jacqui realised that just by running and making time for herself she was feeling so much better within her heart, body & soul. If it worked for her, why not others?

IMG_9207And so came Heart Body & Soul in 2012. In Jacqui’s words:

“I found my WHY and followed my PASSION. I believe my purpose in life is to help people – especially mums – in a meaningful way. I’m passionate about being healthy in mind & body – combine the two and the result is Heart Body & Soul.”

Heart Body & Soul Mums is small group fitness training for all mums at any stage of the mum(life)cycle – mums with bumps, bubs and beyond. We want you to: Fall in L♥VE with exercise Move each day and celebrate what your BODY can do Feel energised, alert, confident, happy & AWESOME ☺ All in a supportive, fun, safe and child friendly environment BECAUSE… A happy mum = happy family = happy home

Session Times

Monday 9.45am – Glen Iris

Wednesday 9.45am – Glen Iris

Friday 9.45am – Glen Iris

Heart Body & Soul is holding trial weeks from 17th July – 6th August and we invite you to come along and to give them a go.

We would love to personally introduce you to Jacqui and Heart Body & Soul Mums so if you have a question or would like to book your trial session please get in touch with us here and we will put you in touch.

You can also check out the Heart Body & Soul Website here.

WellFit4Mums: Victoria, Australia, Point Cook

Our Point Cook based affiliate, WellFit4Mums, was founded by mum of two Kerry Mazur.

Kerry specialises in working with mums providing small group exercise classes and personal trainingIMG_1499 sessions in a supportive and encouraging environment. Kerry is passionate about getting mums moving safely & effectively, helping them to understand how their bodies work, & to build strong foundations from the inside out.

Kerry is originally from the UK and understands the pressure of raising a young family away from the support of her and her husbands family. Her youngest child is starting school this year so she has decided that now is the time for her to put her dream of running a successful mum 13501979_1012729968847244_9029148595587440050_nspecific fitness business into action.

Kerry has been following Jen’s journey, since 2009, after Jen did a workshop at a maternal health group Kerry attended after the birth of her first child. She decided then that this was the type of trainer she wanted to be, since then she has been learning and gaining knowledge about training ladies safely as they move into motherhood.

Via this journey, Kerry had the pleasure of meeting many like-minded trainers and is honoured to now be affiliated with some of these amazing ladies. Kerry says: “Together we’re going to get the message out there, we’re going to start the conversation, we’re going to look after mums and we’re going to make it fun, supportive, encouraging and rewarding. Women empowering women (& in the future maybe some men will join us too)”

Session Times

Monday 6.15am, 9.15am, 10.30am

Wednesday 6.15am

Friday 6.15am, 9.15am, 10.30am

WellFit4Mums is holding trial weeks from 17th July – 6th August 2017 and we invite you to come along and to give them a go.

We would love to personally introduce you to Kerry and WellFit4Mums so if you have a question or would like to book your trial session please get in touch with us here and we will put you in touch.

If you are a personal trainer or fitness instructor with a special interest in working with mums and would like to find out more about our Safe Return to Exercise philosophy, mentoring and affiliates please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me here.


”When I started affiliate with Body Beyond Baby & coaching with Jen I had just one training session with five clients. Now, I have four group sessions in two locations and two of these sessions are full (with wait lists). We are launching more sessions in 2017.

Running a business on your own is not easy so it’s great to have someone you can bounce and share your ideas with, especially someone with Jen’s knowledge. She has many years of experience and it’s great to learn from her knowledge and first-hand experience.

Jen provided me with useful tools and systems to grow my business. She pushes me forward and holds me accountable to what I wish to achieve. My business has more structure, she taught me how important is to track your numbers and plan (even if you are motivated by deadlines, if you dont’t plan you won’t know your deadline). If you want to grow your business, then look no further than Jen. It pays to align yourself with professionals who have walked the path before you.”

Magdalena Hawley, Mums Going Strong Fitness, November 2016


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