We absolutely love what we do – training mums to be fitter, healthier and happier! But, you don’t have to take our word for it – here are some testimonials from some of our much loved clients;

As a mother of two and obstetrician I searched hard both during my pregnancies and post-natally for a trainer that truly understood how to train a mum. I encountered those too cautious to do anything that pushed me, and similarly others who had no concept of the changes that are inevitable and irreversible in a pregnancy and in the postnatal period, who pushed, but were causing injury. I trained with a multitude of people until I found Jen Dugard. She took the time to find out how my body had changed after pregnancy and birth and trained me accordingly. Her knowledge as a trainer and her close collaboration with physiotherapists and obstetricians has given her an understanding of exactly what is safe and how to train you well and push you when you are ready. I have been training with Jen for around two years now and I have never felt fitter, my body has never looked better and I have a deeper knowledge, about advising my own patients on how to exercise at this time. I have no hesitation in referring them to Jen, and regularly do so for their pre and postnatal health and fitness care. Thank you Jen for giving me the muscles to lift, the motivation to keep training and the confidence to keep myself and my own patients safe.

Alejandra Izurieta, January 2015

I have been training with Body Beyond Baby since before my daughter was born. I was very fit and active before my pregnancy and tried to continue exercising throughout. Unfortunately I developed a significant rectus divarication in the later stages of my pregnancy, which was very concerning to me. Fortunately, one of my friends recommended Body Beyond Baby and I started training with them as soon as I could. After being assessed by a women’s health physiotherapist I began exercising with Jen and the Body Beyond Baby team prior to the birth of my daughter. Under their supervision, I was able to continue exercising safely right up until her birth and started training again when she was six weeks old. What has impressed me most about training with Body Beyond Baby is their knowledge and professionalism. I am continually amazed at how they can individualise the classes for each mum within the constraints of a group exercise class. They consider each person’s current health and fitness as well as any injuries, pelvic floor instability or abdominal separation. I have always felt confident that I am doing the right sort of exercises with the trainers and not anything that may worsen my condition. They are able to adapt the classes to suit everyone with no fuss and I’ve never felt like I didn’t belong or couldn’t keep up despite having had abdominal separation and some limitations to the exercises I could perform.

My baby is now four months old, my separation is completely resolved and I have almost attained my pre-pregnancy fitness. I am now stronger in my core and upper body than I was before I was pregnant. I have also lost the baby weight and can fit into my old clothes again which I love. I look forward to the sessions each week and feel comfortable leaving my baby with the very capable nannies they provide. The sessions are diverse so it never gets boring. Sessions are always challenging regardless of your fitness level, which encourages me to give 100% when I train. I also love training outdoors – it’s so good to get out of the house and train, especially with a young baby and it means I always leave with a positive energy that stays with me for the rest of the day. I couldn’t recommend Body Beyond Baby more to any mum who wants to train in a safe, supportive and fun environment”.

Jen Upton, November 2014

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I feel so fortunate to have found Body Beyond Baby after the birth of my second son. I didn’t recognise my body and felt like I would never get back into shape. I started training with Jen and Amy when my son was 7 weeks old and never looked back. Not only did I lose the weight (in a controlled and sustainable way), but I also became fitter and more toned than I ever was pre-babies. After just a couple of sessions, I found myself really looking forward to my hour in the park. Each session was different and challenging in it’s own way and I always felt fantastic afterwards, regardless of how little sleep I had the night before! I have recommended Body Beyond Baby to all my friends with small babies in the East. Book your first session – you will not regret it!

Amanda Nealon, July 2013

I have been training with Jen and the Body Beyond Baby team for almost 5 years now. I love the diversity between each session, they are always fun, dynamic and drive me to put in 100%. With the help of Body Beyond Baby, my knowledge on fitness and nutrition has completely transformed my body and my mind. Jen’s approach is always engaging and having a trainer who ‘notices’ the way you do an exercise correctly and how you can improve is very re-assuring. Especially after having children. Jen focuses on building your inside core muscles first and building strength to help with the ever demanding motherhood!

I would guarantee and recommend Jen to any mothers who are searching for the right fitness program. To train outdoors in a supportive environment with other friendly like minded mothers is fantastic.

Elizabeth Francis, June 2013

I have been training with Body Beyond Baby since my son was 8 weeks old, he is now 22 months and I am expecting my second child. Since this time, whilst training with Body Beyond Baby, I not only was able to lose all the baby weight I gained, but I also became the fittest I have been in years. I find Jen and her team really knowledgeable regarding post natal exercise, and after taking the time to get to know us and what our relevant capabilities are, is able to push us to our limits. Since I have become pregnant, my exercise plan has had to change, and Jen and the team have been very supportive throughout this period, providing lots of guidance to me in understanding what I can and cannot do in my training, and I still feel part of the sessions and the team. I wouldn’t hestitate to recommend Body Beyond Baby to any of my friends or collegues pre or post natal.

Sarah Caroll, June 2013

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After having my first baby I was determined to “get my body back”. I have been training with Jen for almost five years. I was there at the beginning of Body Beyond Baby. I was hooked from the start. The sessions have always been challenging and fun. It’s not just a group training session; it’s more than that. Training regularly with a group of mums is empowering. There is a special respect and understanding mothers have for each other whatever your fitness level. All three of my children were minded by the nannies from about 8 weeks old. I always felt happy to leave them knowing they were in capable hands for one whole hour of FREEDOM.

Jen is always incredibly professional allowing me to work at my level and teaching me so much about my body. Over the years many aspects of my life have improved due to the knowledge I have gained. I was able to “get my body back” and three children later, I feel I am as fit and strong as my pre-baby body.

Melissa Davies, May 2013

I’ve really enjoyed training with Jen and the team at Body Beyond Baby. I was always into keeping myself fit before I had my baby and was really excited I had found a way to continue once my bub arrived. I fit back into my pre- baby skinny jeans in no time at all but glad I did it in a safe and controlled way with no silly crash diet needed. I’ve always felt I had individual attention in the sessions and the trainers had taken the time to assess my ability and any concerns I had, ensuring I got the most out of each session. I’m now ready to push myself further and am excited about the opportunities around the corner.

Belinda Govaz, May 2013

With exercise being a big part of my life pre-children, it was important that this carried on after the birth of my son and daughter. Body Beyond Baby was recommended to me through another mum in my mother’s group and I have been a regular for over 2 years. When commencing with Body Beyond Baby I was use to co-ed boot camps that offered a variety of exercises but were very focused on speed and not so much on technique. What is different about the Body Beyond Baby sessions is that their philosophy is to focus on rebuilding your inner unit for a stronger, fitter you.

I have achieved amazing results through Body Beyond Baby which meant I was able to train up to 37 weeks with my second pregnancy and was able to hit the park again straight after my 6 week postnatal check! I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been, even pre-baby! Body Beyond Baby not only helps you achieve your goals from a health perspective but also helps to build a network of friends through other like-minded mums who appreciate what we are all going through and what we are trying to achieve. Keep up the good work Jen and the Body Beyond Baby team!

Rebekah Orbell, May 2013

Thank you for organising a great night last night, I really enjoyed it… Definitely not good with wine though after 12 weeks of almost complete abstinence… Felt a bit ropey this morning!! Thank you also for all the wonderful prizes, I absolutely love L’Occitane, especially the hand cream that they do and am already really looking forward to my massage! Very very kind of you to arrange prizes as well as everything else. You run a fantastic business and change so many people’s lives for the better so should be very proud. First week off steps in months… I might even go and do them voluntarily next Sunday but today really enjoyed a mini lie in!

See you soon and thanks again.

Folly Gore, September 2012

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I’ve been training with Jen for almost a year since our arrival in Sydney last year.  Having been working full time in the UK, switching to being a full time Mum in a new country away from family and friends was rather daunting.  The children (Ted 3 years and Millie 9 months at the time) were adjusting admirably to the move, but I found I craved some ‘time out’ from them and Body Beyond Baby provided me with such much needed ‘Abi-time’ as well as having the added benefit of toning up and making new friends. I have looked forward to every session (even the ones in the rain!) and find that I miss training if for some reason I’m unable to go. Jen and Amy are both highly committed trainers who tailor the work out to you and your limitations, plus they somehow make it fun (you wouldn’t normally catch me voluntarily running up over 200 steps on a sunday morning 6 times!).

We are sadly returning to the UK in a few weeks, for the for-seeable future and through previous research, I haven’t managed to find anything in the UK as ‘tailor-made’ as Body Beyond Baby and I will miss it a great deal. I am hoping Jen has ignited my motivation to exercise so I don’t let all my hard work go to waste when we get back.

What attracted me to Body Beyond Baby in the first place was that Jen is a mother. She has been through what we’ve all been through and she looks great. I hope she continues to maintain all the personal touches that set Body Beyond Baby way above simply heading to the gym for a workout.

Abigail Boss, September 2012

I just can’t thank Jen enough, or recommend her sessions highly enough. I put on alot of weight after my first child and was determined not to keep it on. The sessions worked so well for me that I continue to go after 2 years (I began when my daughter was 6 months old). Getting outdoors in the fresh air, meeting like minded mums and being able to exercise specifically for post natal mums did me a world of good. The nannies are great too and the consistency of care means my daughter loves going to spend time with the carers. With Jen’s sessions there is no excuse for letting your baby weight linger.

Alison Winstone, May 2012

I have been exercising with Jen for several months now and have really enjoyed the group sessions, especially since unlike other trainers, Jen has nannies to look after the babies so it is easier to focus. It has been a great way to tone up and lose weight, as well as meet other mums and share ideas on how to re-gain our pre-baby bodies. If it wasn’t for Jen, I would not have been able to fit into my clothes and re-discover the confidence I used to have about myself.

Alison Phillips, May 2010

Thanks again for your inspiration and advice. I come away every week feeling very positive about the session. Each session is different and makes new bits of me hurt each time, which is exactly what I want. You are a very motivating and encouraging instructor, so thank you.

Helene Janes, April 2010

I have realised great results training with Body Beyond Baby. I have achieved better fitness and weight loss results in six weeks with Body Beyond Baby than I did with three months of one-on-one training. Plus it is great to meet like-minded Mums – thank you Jen.

Jacinda Hendrix, June 2009

I have been working out with Jen for just over six weeks. Last week was a real milestone as I fitted back into my skinny jeans!!! Jen keeps me motivated and focused; I never get bored as the exercises are varied each week.  Despite my complaints that it is hard work, I know that it is all worth it as the following morning I can feel exactly what part of my body has been worked. So I know this is money well spent.

I really look forward to going to Jen’s sessions and my five month old does too – he has so much fun being cared for by a qualified nanny, which is reassuring and gives me peace of mind knowing I can leave him for a full hour in capable hands.  Keep up the good work Jen!  You are certainly helping me achieve my body beyond baby.

Sarah Knight, May 2009

The Body Beyond Baby classes have been a lifesaver for me since the little man arrived. Not only do I get the benefits of a thorough training session, I get time out from the little one, and the opportunity to interact with other mums who are always a great source of info and support. Now I’m back at my pre-baby fitness level and I feel great.

Rebecca Beale, June 2009

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