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So here is a list of the most common questions we receive, answered! But if still need more information, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time after giving birth to join the sessions?

We advise that you wait until after your six week check up before joining us. This gives you time to get into a routine with your baby and we can ensure there are no complications that may effect your ability to exercise.

How many people are in each session?

We have up to 15 mums per session.

Where do we train?

Body Beyond Baby sessions are currently being held in Centennial Park (Eastern Suburbs) & Birchgrove Oval (Inner West). Our affiliates offer sessions in Lane Cove & Willoughby (North Shore) to find us, simply click here

What if it rains?

During the summer months, rain is generally accompanied by warmer weather. We have a shelter which we erect, which will keep your babies dry or we may move them to an indoor area (for a small additional fee). So long as your little ones are warm and comfortable, we will train in a little rain.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, given that we have a limited number of places per block and many of our sessions book in advance you need to make a booking with us.

Prior to each new ‘block’ we run our trial weeks and we love to meet new mums at this time.  

Our upcoming trial sessions for 2016/17 will be:

19th – 23rd September & 3rd – 10th October 2016

9th – 29th January 2017

If you are pregnant and would like to book your post-baby trial session, in advance, within any of these dates please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

If we have spots available in an already commenced block you are welcome to come and try us sooner however  there can be limited spaces available and once we are booked we are booked!

Can I pay on a session-by-session basis?

You can pay session by session during our trial weeks, however…..

We then ask our mums to book in ”Term” blocks which are run in conjunction with the NSW school Terms. This allows us to plan ahead and book our nannies. We also know that routine is everything with a small child, and knowing you have to be in a certain place at a certain time will help you commit to sessions and form a regular exercise and weekly routine.

Can I do a trial session?

Yes, we invite all mums to come and do a one-off trial session before committing to a block of training.  

When can I start?

Once you have had your 6-8 week check-up and you feel ready to exercise you are welcome to join our group sessions. Just come along for your trial and then we will set up your direct debit payment, post your first session.

Can I change the session I attend each week?

Because we work in ‘blocks’ that means that the session you choose is allocated to you. Many of our sessions book out well in advance and we like to ensure that you know when you are exercising so you can build your schedule around that very precious ‘you’ time!

What if I need to cancel a session?

Many of our sessions operate at capacity which makes it challenging for us to offer make-ups across the board. However, we do understand that from time-to-time things crop up and babies (and mums) get sick and one of our key philosophies is ‘mums supporting mums’ so we have a system whereby you support each other in gifting and accepting sessions that you can’t do within our 24hour guidelines.  This system creates a flow-on effect, rarely do our mums miss our on their sessions and to top it off we are all looking out for each other which feels good too!

Feel free to ask us to explain more about this at your trial session.

Why do you have a cancellation policy?

To ensure you get to your training on a regular basis. We all have mornings that we just don’t feel like it, but we know that consistency is the key to reaching your goals. Besides we would not be doing our job properly if we let you get out of training that easily! If you know you have to get to your session, you will and we want all our clients looking and feeling fantastic. 

Also, we have a limited number of training spots avaliable, we want to ensure that those clients that are serious about attending sessions have sessions avaliable to them.  If you do not show up to your session, not only do you miss out but that spot is also available to someone else.

Is there anything else I need to do before I come along?

You need to complete some paperwork along with a medical questionnaire prior to your first session. We will send it to you via email and then ask that you return it to us via email prior to your first session.  This gives us the opportunity to look through it and give you a call to discuss anything that may need to cover in more detail.  We are also happy to contact any other care providers you may be working with i.e. physio so that we can ensure we are working hand-in-hand to ensure your best progress. Our aim is to give you as much individual attention as possible within the group environment, therefore we need to get to know you a little.

What do I need to bring?

For you: towel or mat, full water bottle, hat and sunblock if it’s warm and a jumper for cooler weather

For your baby: any favourite toys that will make them comfortable, hat for outdoor sesisons, dummy (if they use one), stroller if it’s sleep time and any snacks or drinks you would like them to have

Will we be far away from our babies?

We train no more than 50m away from where our babies are being looked after.  If your child is particularly unsettled and you want to check on them you should do so. We are very relaxed about you attending to, settling, breast and bottle feeding your children. We encourage you to do whatever is within your comfort zone. All children cry from time-to-time so if you are happy, enjoy your time out.

We also have some children and babies that are more comfortable or go through phases of wanting to be around mum, even during a session. Although we like to offer our nanny service so you get some time out we welcome your little one to join us if it’s no problem to you. Our main concern is ensuring all our mums and babies are happy and you get the best possible workout on each day that you come along.

Could I be asked to attend to my child during the session?

If your child is particularly unsettled, our nannies may ask you to come over and see to them.  Babies and young children can often ‘set each other off’ therefore removing one from the group for a short period of time is often helpful. You may also be asked to attend to your child for any necessary nappy changes.

How many nannies will there be?

We work on a 6:1 ratio but as soon as we have more than five children we will have two nannies with us and for over 12 little people we will have a third nanny.

Please click here to read our full Terms and Conditions.

Feeling ready to book your trial session or have a question for us? Go here and we will help you out.


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