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Spartan Race Australia? Yes you can!

Spartan Racing is not just for ‘tough mums’!

As the mums I train start to see the benefits of their training, I often see a little glimmer in their eye when I mention the ‘extra’ challenges that Body Beyond Baby teams participate in throughout the year. And perhaps the one that gets asked about the most is Spartan Racing.

While I agree that it has a rather terrifying name ( historically were ‘pretty hardcore’!), the reality of this Obstacle race (ie – jumping/dodging/running/crawling/pulling yourself over/under/around things) is that it’s completely achievable for anyone who has completed the Body Beyond Baby 8 Week challenge. Although I would suggest you start with the 7km ‘sprint’ option, rather than the 42km ‘ultra beast!’ I find that these types of events are also great for creating goals in your training and continuing to push yourself to the next level.

The team at Spartan Race Australia recently launched their first ever stadium event at ANZ Stadium and our 15-member Tough Mum team did extraordinarily well! Jen Upton, who completed an 8 Week Challenge at the end of 2014, has kindly agreed to give us an insight into the event and debunk any misconceptions you may have:

My Spartan Race Australia experience:

I recently completed my first ever Spartan Race with the Body Beyond Baby team. Having never done anything like this previously, I was unsure what to expect but thought it would be a great challenge after having my first baby. I had also recently completed one of Jen’s 8 week challenges and thought it would be a good test of my fitness. The first thing I saw when I arrived at the race was people climbing up and over shipping containers and rolling over a cargo net in between the containers. The entrance to the race meant you had to walk underneath the competitors while they rolled over the cargo nets. It was only then that I realised what I had got myself into!

It was great to race with the Body Beyond Baby team, there was no pressure to complete it in a certain time, just good fun with a lot of like-minded women. The race itself was actually great fun and not as daunting as I had imagined. I didn’t manage to get to any of the specific training sessions Jen organised before the race but I found my fitness and strength from the Body Beyond Baby classes was enough to get me through.

The race was really well organised and went through the entire stadium. One minute we were carrying sandbags up the stadium steps, the next attempting the monkey bars in the stadium itself, then we were outside and climbing over walls and along suspended ropes. I think at one stage we were actually running through the locker rooms! There was a DJ and you could hear great music being played throughout the race, which was a great motivator. I really enjoyed the day and had a great sense of satisfaction at having completed something I’ve never done before! I’d probably sign up to another one now I know what to expect.

So are you the one with the glimmer in your eye? Email me to let me know if you’re interested in joining our team for the next one!

Our Tough Mums

We like to train well and with our Tough Mums we like to train hard. We know that just because you are a mum it does not mean you have to settle for second best. You can be stronger and fitter than you have ever been!

Once you have been given the all clear from your physio and we know that you have spent the time to rebuild from the inside out we will work with you and push you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Our Tough Mums train for an action packed schedule of obstacle races and team runs, they really take things to the next level.

You are in the right place if you have been training within Body Beyond Baby and are ready to sign-up for your first obstacle race or if you are a mum who has been doing her own training and is now ready to join a team of awesome mums who come together, support each other and step things up a notch.

All of our Tough Mum trainers take part in obstacle racing themselves, they will be there to support you on the day and know exactly what to do to get you ready for your next event.