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A New Year; full of hope and promise! Best plans laid and best intentions set: fitness goals to achieve, businesses to launch, countries to visit. “I WILL get up at 5am every morning to run”, you might say to yourself. “I WILL quit my job and start my dream business this year.”


It only takes a quick look at your Facebook newsfeed or a Christmas catch up with a group of friends to determine how many people have resolved to better themselves this year – it’s New Year’s resolutions galore. Declarations are being made all over about what will get done this year and what will be achieved. But what are hopes and promise without action? How can you create real action without a driving force behind you? The truth is, you can’t. Without action and drive you are just dreaming about what your world would be like ‘if’ this happened or ‘if’ you did that. You might take a few steps in the right direction because, right now, your resolve is strong. All these changes for the better are fresh, new and fun. You are motivated to get started and charge full steam ahead… but what happens when the ‘newness’ of 2014 wears off and working towards your goal gets hard? What happens when something doesn’t go to plan and you get a set back? What happens when you want to drop the ball or the day you actually do (and, don’t kid yourself, you probably will)? What will stop you from deciding it’s too hard and throwing in the towel? One thing’s for sure, motivational words on a page and inspirational pictures on your wall won’t cut it. You need to find the thing that gets your blood pumping and propels you forward..


What keeps you going no matter what? What brings with it indescribable emotion, like you’ve opened a box you never want to close again? What will set you apart from the rest?

That’s your mission: to discover your WHY. You will know when you have found it. You will know because you will have unleashed a force within yourself, a force to be reckoned with. When you have found it, you will ALWAYS get up when you fall. You will ALWAYS put one foot in front of the other – even on the really tough days. You will ALWAYS follow your dreams and visions with action because giving up stops being an option.

Scrap resolutions and, in their place find your WHY. Start to write your own story. Your WHY will allow you to immerse yourself in every activity, seize every opportunity and expect more from yourself. Sometimes it might still take resolve or sheer will power but there will be a higher force driving you – you have found your PURPOSE.

What drives you – what is your WHY? How did you know when you had found it?

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