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How do you know if your nanny or babysitter is working effectively while you’re out? Bec Rokov from Precious Peeps outlines a few important characteristics and behaviours to look out for.

Is Your Nanny Working Out?

A huge amount of trust needs to exist between a family and their nanny in order for the arrangement to be a comfortable one. Here are some points to consider and some telltale signs you can look out to ascertain if your nanny is reliable, hard working and nurturing.

• The relationship and attachment between the nanny and your child or children:
This is the MOST important sign you should look for. Remember, this is not an immediate relationship; however, within one to two weeks (depending on how many days your nanny is working per week) there is generally enough time to be able to understand if your nanny is forming a lasting relationship with your precious peep. Your nanny should connect with your child on a more meaningful level, they should incite a happy and excited reaction from your child, and your child should be happy to see them when they arrive and want to play with them. Be patient. Like any new relationship, it takes time to form but it should start to form within a couple of weeks.

• The communication between you and your nanny:
When you arrive home, or when you check in with your nanny during the day, do they inform you of what they have done with your precious peep that day? Thinking about each day; the routine, the activities, the daily rituals, do they tell you the details of how the day went or what happened at each of these times?
You should expect to hear new stories, like when your precious peep has done something new and exciting. Every parent wants to understand these moments like they were there – this is something a nanny should be able to tell you in detail.

• Photos, arts and craft, videos, etc.:
When your nanny leaves or finishes up for the day, or when you have your daily update from them regarding what has occurred, does your nanny show you photos or even videos of their adventures that day? Does your nanny have some art and craft to show you that your child has completed that day?

It is important to see what your child is doing, not only so you can see what has happened that day, but so you can also feel more connected and involved. Perhaps you can even continue on the theme for that day. If your child has drawn a picture of dinosaurs or butterflies, you could continue this with a story about dinosaurs or butterflies etc. It is important that your nanny keeps you feeling involved in your child’s day, and their progress and learning.

• The feedback from your local community.
It is the nature of the role that your nanny will get to know your local community. This could be the green grocer, the mailman, the local shopkeeper or even the café owner down the street, and especially the other playgroup mums (if your nanny takes your child to the play group each week). It is absolutely normal and okay to ask all of these locals for some feedback on how they see your nanny going with your precious peep, as feedback is essential. This is a very good indication of how the nanny is going with your child, fitting in with the local community or getting along with the other mum’s and nannies. If your child is happy, smiling and enjoying the outings with your nanny, you can be pretty sure the nanny is building a strong lasting relationship with your precious peep.

Remember, relationships take time, children are not always happy (don’t we know it?) and mostly people do the right thing. If you set the expectations from the beginning, outline what you would like your nanny to do and set their roles and responsibilities out for them, you will find it easier to measure their effectiveness in the role. What is obvious to you may not be obvious to them, so just have that conversation from the start and we are sure your nanny will work hard and be an integral part of your family.

If in doubt or if you are unsure how to start this conversation, feel free to call Precious Peeps and we will happily guide you through it.

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