My Book – How to Love your Body as much as your Baby

How to love your body as much as your baby

It’s about showing mums they can be the best mother they can be AND achieve THEIR best ever body!

I have written this book for all mothers. In short, I am a mother on a mission – a mission to redefine what it means to be a mother today. I will help you become the best mother you can be, and help you to discover exactly what that means for you.

Through my book, I will help you to figure out what YOUR best body means to you. I will give you the strength, motivation and courage to strive to achieve all of your health and fitness goals, even the ones you may have given up on because of motherhood.

I am bringing back communities through exercise. I am building support networks for mums and providing the means by which they can be the best women and mothers they have ever been.

My 5 key Philosophies

1. Happy Mummy, Happy Baby

I encourage all mums to be a little selfish. Being a mum can be all consuming. From the moment you wake, you are constantly thinking about your child. No matter what kind of mum you are or what kind of parenting techniques you use, we all have one thing in common – we want to be the best possible parent. Around one in seven mothers experience postnatal depression and taking some time out for yourself is so vital to creating a happy mummy, happy baby partnership.

2. Rebuild from the Inside Out

I believe the absolute key to getting your body back is to understand what is happening on the inside so that you can lay the foundations for YOUR best ever body. After you have laid great foundations, I can then show you how to safely and effectively build the fancy house and create a body and lifestyle that will last forever.

3. Nurture from the Inside Out

This is where I relieve the confusion around diet and give simple, effective and easy-to-implement strategies around food and nutrition that will last you a lifetime.

4. Preparation and Consistency

I know that without being prepared and without being consistent, all the other information is useless. I will show you techniques to ensure that you prepare for, and keep on track with, achieving YOUR best ever body.

5. Teach your Children Great Habits

Creating good habits will not only affect you but also your children, and will set them on the right track for life.

When you make the decision to really educate yourself on healthy eating and take the time to exercise, it filters through to the rest of the family. As mothers we have the huge respon- sibility of teaching our children how to eat and how often to move. I will help you to get this right.

How to Love your Body as Much as your Baby – will take you through all you need to know, and share with you the real life experiences of mums I have worked with. The women who have chosen to share their stories in this book have done so with the aim of helping other mothers realise that they are not alone.

The end result will be you developing YOUR own unique plan to achieve YOUR best ever body.

I have also spent time talking with other health professionals and experts who all share a special interest in the wellbeing of mums. They will offer you their expert tips, advice and knowledge.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so it’s no wonder so many women are finding themselves feeling isolated and finding motherhood to be the hardest and most challenging job they have done in their lives.

Through How to Love your Body as Much as your Baby, I will show you that it does not have to be a lonely journey and that there are groups of women just like you, coming together to discover their own best ever bodies. You can be the strongest, healthiest and sexiest woman you have ever been, even after becoming a mum!

I do not believe in a one size fits all solution. So, rather than give you an inflexible program to follow, I will enable you to set your own goals and help you to create a program which can grow and adapt with you, to achieve YOUR best ever body.

I’d also like to invite you to my online Facebook group where you can come and talk to me, ask me questions and share your own journey with others who have also read or who are reading this book. The power is in numbers and the community that we will create.

Enjoy the ride and I look forward to meeting you soon.

A fantastic book for mums… providing sound, practical advice and importantly the experiences of mothers throughout. A must amongst the collection.
Dr Nicole Highet
Beyond Blue


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