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Harriet Heath is a busy mum of two to Barnaby (2 ½) and Oliver, who is nearly 8 months. She was also the winner of Body Beyond Baby’s Summer 2014 Challenge.

Florist, but a stay-at-home mum for the time being.

How long have you been training with Body Beyond Baby?
Since the beginning of February this year.

How has training with Body Beyond Baby influenced you?
It’s played a big part in helping me regain fitness and lose weight after having my two boys. I’ve been able to incorporate exercise back into my routine, and I’ve found that taking the time out to train has made me happier and healthier.

Describe your Body Beyond Baby journey?
Three months after having Oliver, I emerged from the haze feeling ready to start to get fitter and lose the kilos I’d managed to stack on over the course of two pregnancies. I’d heard good things about Body Beyond Baby and Jen’s philosophy of ‘Happy Mummy, Happy Baby’ rang very true. I signed up to the Summer 2014 Challenge, and the next morning found myself in Centennial Park having measurements taken and struggling through the fitness tests! I realised I had a long way to go, but felt encouraged that I was undertaking the challenge as part of a group supported by lovely trainers who genuinely seem to care and know their stuff when it comes to postnatal exercise. Over the next few weeks my fitness started to improve and, even though I might not have always have thought it at the time, in retrospect I really enjoyed all the sessions! It was fantastic to be able to train safe in the knowledge that the boys were in great hands with the nannies and an added bonus was getting to know some fab fellow mums. By the end of the eight weeks I felt so much better – I had way more energy day to day and when it came to the final measurements and fitness testing I was really pleased with my results. I’m now doing my second challenge and I am looking forward to achieving fitness goals that only a few months ago seemed beyond me.

What do you most enjoy about training with Body Beyond Baby?
I love being outside in the fresh air doing training sessions that never get boring. How do you juggle work, training, children and family life? Being able to bring the boys along to Body Beyond Baby has made training easy and I’ve gradually learnt, especially since having my second baby, to accept that I just have to try to do the best I can each day and prioritise the important things.

What keeps you motivated?
Initially it was all about seeing the number on the scales go down, but now I’m more motivated by trying to achieve new goals and I always feel so much better for having done exercise.

Favourite Food?
Mexican or Italian… Mexican probably just wins it!

What do you like doing in your spare time?
Spare time is a bit hard to come by at the moment, but I love spending time with family and friends and I’m not averse to a spot of shopping when I get the chance.

What do you think made the biggest difference for you in your challenge?
I think the combination of a commitment to healthier eating habits and regular exercise made all the difference.

What would you say to any new mums thinking about joining Body Beyond Baby?
Do it! I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it. The trainers and nannies are brilliant and while it may sometimes be a bit of a struggle to get out of the door and to the park, once you’re there it is completely worth it.

Do you have anything more to add?
Please set up Body Beyond Baby in Melbourne, Jen! We are moving down there shortly and, from what I can tell, there is nothing to match what Body Beyond Baby offers. I’ll really miss the sessions in Centennial Park, but I do feel that what I’ve learnt in the last few months holds me in good stead for my training in the future.