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Kylie Ostle is the Founder and Director of Mum Society, a networking community that offers skill development and employment opportunities specifically for mums. She is also mum to the wonderfully creative Isla (2.5) aka Buzz, Queen Elsa, Emma Wiggle, Football Isla and Woody (depending on the day), and she’s 26 weeks’ pregnant with number two.

Founder and Director of Mum Society

Tell us about how Mum Society began
I was left at a loss when I received my redundancy via email two weeks before Christmas and three weeks before being due to return to work from maternity leave. It was unexpected and really blew my confidence. After a bottle of wine, a number of tears and a mind map, I came up with the concept of Mum Society to help other mums remain themselves, in touch with a workplace (even if it isn’t their own) and confident. Mum Society enables mums to return to work, or assists them in their search for suitable employment for their new-look lives.

And where is it now?
Our community is 2000 mums strong. We’ve placed 100 mums in new employment opportunities and we have hosted 350 mums at our brunch events since launching last year. We have collaborated with more than 50 family-friendly and mum-run businesses to create offers and opportunities for our community.

What are your business goals?
To develop Mum Society into a nationally recognised support system for mums during maternity leave and the early years of raising children.

How long have you been training with Body Beyond Baby?
I trained with BBB for almost two years but I’m on sabbatical with all the fun pregnancy ailments that have decided to come my way. I’m recovering from separation, currently have pubis symphisis and a serious pelvic up-slip banning me from even walking (swimming and cycling only).

What do you most enjoy about training with BBB?
The camaraderie of mums and how supportive they are of each other. I’ve made lifelong friends through BBB.

How do you juggle work, training, children and family life, especially now you are pregnant with number two?
Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes things get on top of me and I feel like I am drowning. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I take a moment to myself. I often close everything down; take a breath, grab an hour (sometimes a whole day) and head to one of my favourite places to re-group. It is really important to be kind to myself so that I don’t ‘break’ again.

What keeps you motivated?
My husband, my daughter and Mum Society.

What are your fitness goals?
Currently I am trying to suck it up and get to the pool! Swimming and cycling are the only approved activities I have at the moment. I am fighting the mental barriers and the chilly weather to get in the pool but I will break through. I’m aiming to rebuild and be stronger than ever before after this pregnancy. For the moment, it is all about managing my injuries and preparing myself for the long path ahead to a full recovery. Once recovered from injury and obviously post baby, I am giving myself 12 months to be the strongest and fittest I have ever been.

Favourite food?
This changes DAILY at the moment! There may or may not be an eggs benedict obsession that I am fighting, but this is off the record right? Actually, I LOVE the eggplant salad at The Grounds of Alexandria or the scrambled eggs with truffle and parmesan at Bread and Circus.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
What spare time? I did get a KOBO for my birthday and I am extremely excited to make a little more time for myself to read and relax!

What would you say to any new mums thinking about joining Body Beyond Baby?
Book your real time ultrasound and dare I say it – internal examination with a women’s health physio. Ensure that you are training your muscles properly and find out where you are at with separation. Your body carried a baby for nine months and you need to be very gentle even if you were really fit before your pregnancy. Have a very clear picture and understanding of where you are at physically – the bits you can’t see are even more important than the ones you can! Sign up, commit to a trial and to a challenge! Listen to your body and to the qualified trainers!

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