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I’m a mum of 2 (to a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son). While pregnant with my son, my family relocated from London to Sydney. With all the stress associated with such a big move, I completely ‘let myself go’. After my son was born and we had settled back into life in Sydney and life with two children (!), it was time to focus on me again. Living in such a beautiful climate, I knew that outdoor group training would be the right fit for me. I found a number of mum and baby training sessions in the inner west and gave a few of them a trial. Body Beyond Baby was the only group where nannies were provided and I had a whole hour to myself! In that trial, Jen also taught me so much about my body after my babies: what I needed to look out for and how I needed to go about rebuilding it. I didn’t care that I spent the hour getting puffed and sweaty – it was a whole hour not worrying about anyone but myself and I also got to enjoy the views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! I signed up for the 8-Week Challenge that was about to start and haven’t stopped since.
I was in pretty poor shape when I started training with Jen 10 weeks after my son was born. I had to start somewhere though and am now a healthier weight and am able to fit back into my pre baby clothes, which was a big goal. I have also discovered that I had very weak pelvic floor muscles and have been working to strengthen them. Without Jen’s insistence to see a women’s health physio, (which I had never heard of), I would never have known about my pelvic floor issues or that I was doing pelvic floor exercises incorrectly. I’m still not a fan of running (I don’t think I ever will be!) and I also suspect that I will never like burpees, but I do feel a huge sense of achievement to see how much I have improved. I love the 8-Week Challenges as you can really see how far you have come. They also inspire me to push myself as hard as I can and be more conscious about my eating.
Having listened to Jen and some of the Tough Mums talk about the Spartan obstacle racing last year, I secretly thought I’d love to give one a go. However I didn’t think I would ever be fit and strong enough to take part. Well, I’ve registered for the 7km sprint in October and while I certainly won’t be sprinting, or even possibly running the whole way, I know I will feel a huge sense of achievement just to complete it. Something I would have never dreamed of before training with Jen!
Almost a year on and I still love training with Body Beyond Baby. My training sessions are so important for my wellbeing, both physically and mentally. I feel refreshed after each session (and the hour break from my lovely children) and ready to tackle the
rest of the day with them. I’ve also made some lovely new friends from my training sessions as well which has been a bonus.

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