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As a working mum with two boys, Yvette Salem knows how tricky it can be to fit exercise in to the day. She chats to us about the role fitness plays in her life and the exciting journey she has ahead of her…. the addition of TWO MORE boys when she delivers twins in a few weeks’ time.

Names and ages of children:
Xander (4) and Remy (2)

Congratulations on your new pregnancy. How are you feeling about having twins?
It is definitely a daunting prospect. The thought of having twins never even crossed my mind but now that we’ve gotten over that initial shock, we’re getting our heads around what it will mean for the family… no life for several years, being surrounded by pee forever (four boys, actually five boys!), being eaten out of house and home…

When did you start training with Body Beyond Baby?
I started training almost two years ago when Remy was seven weeks old.

How has training with Body Beyond Baby changed/helped you?
In so many ways! I’m the fittest I’ve ever been – well, I was before my pregnancy. Apart from the obvious health benefits, it’s been a total re-education process. I’ve learned so much about diet, food choices, cooking, teaching good habits to kids, the importance of rebuilding from the inside, training effectively and efficiently and the list goes on. What I love about Body Beyond Baby is that we not only have the opportunity to learn from expert trainers, but we have so many other smart, passionate women to learn from and play with!

What differences did you find after your second baby in terms of getting back into exercise?
The main difference was that I actually did get back into training, something I failed to do after my first. I think I chose my support wisely. For me, training with so many other like-minded mums has been key to maintaining motivation. I’ve also realised the importance of making the time to exercise. We all lead such busy lives and it’s so easy to make excuses not to exercise. Body Beyond Baby has taught me a lot about commitment.

You have kept very active during this pregnancy tell us about what you have been doing?
I’ve continued training a couple of times a week – early risers and a gym session with Jen. I’ve also been doing a weekly pregnancy Pilates class, something very different to what I normally do!

Have you had to adapt your training much? 
Yes. From the beginning, Jen and Amy have adapted the relevant sessions for me and I stopped running quite early on the advice of the physio. In the beginning it wasn’t obvious to me what I should and shouldn’t be doing, as I felt like I could do it all. It was invaluable to have some expert guidance on what was appropriate. Now, the limitations are quite obvious! At this stage my aim is just to move!

You have worked with The Physiotherapy Clinic also – how do you think that has benefited you?
I visited Jo at the Physiotherapy Clinic quite early on the in the pregnancy (about 16 weeks) because I could feel separation and was worried about how early it was occurring. Jo also carried out real-time ultrasound and checked my pelvic floor and TA. In addition to my separation, she assessed my pelvic floor as ‘average’ and explained the importance of improving it immediately – especially given the pressure I was bound to be putting on it later in the pregnancy with twins. She gave me a suite of exercises to address all the issues and at my next check up I was given the all clear. My pelvic floor is in great condition and separation hasn’t worsened. I was shocked at the level of improvement over such a short period of time. It was amazing how my body responded to the right kind of exercise. Since that time, I’ve kept up the exercises regularly in my own time and I’m also going to weekly Pilates classes at the Clinic to maintain strength in those areas. I had no idea about those kinds of issues with my first child 4-5 years ago, it just wasn’t discussed. I would highly recommend everyone visit a women’s physio in the pre and post natal phases to have those issues checked out.

You were part of the Tough Mums team previously – do you have plans to get back there?
That’s the plan! I’d like to re-commence my training with Body Beyond Baby when I get the post-natal all clear, and eventually increase my fitness and strength again to train with the Tough Mums. I’m realistic that with four kids, including twin babies, it may take a little more time to reach a good level of fitness than it did last time. Knowing how great the training made me feel after my last pregnancy is pretty motivating though.

What’s your favourite and worst exercise?
I definitely prefer strength work over cardio. I don’t think I’m alone is saying that burpees are my least favourite exercise. I know there are some crazy people out there who love them but I hate them! Those and the beep test are the worst! Favourite exercise: I guess if I have to pick something, I quite like Tabata sets. Good quick workouts! I also love the fun of OCR training.

What keeps you motivated?
Training with a group and having to commit in advance to sessions definitely helps me stay motivated. When I started training regularly I saw a big increase in my energy levels. With my first baby I felt like a zombie for months after the birth but with my second, after getting into training, I rarely felt like that. It also helps that I have little kids to run around after. It definitely takes a decent level of fitness to keep up with them!

What do you like doing in your spare time?
What spare time? That concept seems like a distant memory! On the odd occasions when I do have some, other than sleep, I’d have to say catching up with friends and indulging in good food and the odd glass (or bottle!) of red.