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 I met Brenda Janschek a little while ago. Her passion is bringing scrumptious goodness into the homes of families throughout Sydney.  She is a wealth of information on all things health, nutrition and family wellbeing.

Brenda’s story led her to what she does today – as she approached 30 years of age, Brenda and her husband were excited to begin a family. But after two years of infertility, and no answers from Western medicine, they decided to set out on the path of holistic and natural fertility. This involved a strict organic diet full of nutrient-dense wholefoods, limiting alcohol, coffee and sugars, and taking an array of herbs and vitamins – finally after two years her miracle boy was born!  Brenda is now mother to Orlando (10) and Yasmeen (8) and works essentially as a health coach

Let’s get to know Brenda a little:

Can you describe your career journey?

I’ve had a bit of a ‘bookended’ career, really. Apart from some early agency work in the modelling and fashion industries, I began a casting business from scratch, then added producing and casting for top advertising photographers into the mix.

When the kids came along, my husband and I decided that one of us was going to be a full-time parent. It so happened to be me, and I’ve never regretted those difficult, but beautiful years.

Now that the kids are a little older, I’ve scratched the itch to be creative again, while indulging my passion for food and families, by once again jumping in the deep end and forming Brenda Janschek Health & Lifestyle. So far so good!

Why are you so passionate about children’s health, organic living and family wellbeing?
I suppose the emphasis on kids and families comes from my own experience. I love my family to bits, I want them to have the best start in life, and I’m sure other parents are the same.

Due to issues with infertility, I’ve researched food and nutrition heavily over the years. I learned some incredible facts along the way about the positive health effects of natural wholefoods, so it made perfect sense to transfer the fruits of that knowledge to other parents who are interested in those same things.

To me, proper nutrition is nature itself, while processed, preservative-laden foods are toxins that impair the natural reactions and functions of our bodies.

Can you tell us a little bit about your business?
Brenda Janschek Health & Lifestyle exists to guide and support busy mums to provide for their young families as nature intended.

The aim is to not only educate about the harmful effects of unnatural, processed foods on long term health, and particularly the health of growing children, but to take it a step further and show clearly how we can all avoid these quick and processed food options, and replace them with simple, home-made goodness.

My cooking classes (for kids and adults), kitchen reboots, shopping tours and health coaching are all designed to lift the lid on what we should be eating and why, and how easy it can be to make ultra nutritious food from scratch, without resorting to processed and preservative-laden store options which are detrimental to health.

How do you juggle work, training, children and family life?
With great difficulty! My family means everything to me, and the more time I can spend with them, the happier I am. I have to be super-organised at times in order to get all my work done, my shopping for cooking classes finished, and recipes tested. And that’s before I allow myself to ‘clock off’ for family time.

Sometimes I’ll simply postpone work duties to the evening or weekend if I can, and catch up then. Being a mumpreneur isn’t easy, I guess!

What keeps you motivated?
Knowing I am making a difference is like rocket fuel for me. Seeing young kids actually enjoying and revelling in cooking activities they’ve never experienced before gives me a thrill. And there’s no greater satisfaction than when I see a client’s eyes light up once the penny drops about how harmful some foods can be to their long-term health and the health of their families, and how new positive habits can easily replace them.

What are your fitness goals?
I’m no longer a gym junkie, but I do like to keep as fit as I can, which keeps my mind calm as well and allows it some downtime. I always emphasise the beauty of nature, and like to be out in it as much as I can. I particularly enjoy brisk walks of various lengths around my neighbourhood and nearby beaches, where I can always be sure of filling up with fresh air, taking in vitamin D from the early sunlight, and earthing my body on the cool sand, water, grass or rocks.

What is your favourite food?
I love seafood like crab, lobster and scampi. I don’t eat them very often it has to be said, but I do love them!

What do you like doing in your spare time?
I like to spend it with my family and friends. If I can sneak in a bit of exercise, then that’s a bit of a bonus, and God forbid I ever see a movie or anything!

Brenda will be offering some Health Kids Cooking Classes these school holidays.  Click here for further details.

And check out Brenda’s website and blog here