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Announcing the launch of Body Beyond Baby Workshops

Returning to exercise after having a baby is so much more than simply lacing up your runners and heading out the door. It needs to be done safely, effectively and thoughtfully. When a woman has a baby her body changes; the way she thinks and feels about her body changes; the way she thinks and feels about herself changes. She has another human life to take care of! A life so precious that many women gradually lose their sense of self-nurturing in the process of nurturing for another.

I am passionate about ensuring women look after their bodies both during and post pregnancy. I’m committed to helping them maintain their sense of self and ensuring they listen to their bodies. Ultimately, I want new mums and mums-to-be to have a positive attitude, and respect and love for the body that has grown their children.

Your safe return to exercise is not just about getting your body back. It’s about making sure you preserve a bit of yourself, even when the demands of motherhood make it very challenging.

Exercise and fitness are the vehicles that enable me to do what I do. They enable me to lead by example and encourage mums to not only value their wellbeing, but also to be a little selfish and take time out for themselves. I’m not interested in being half-arsed about it. I’m not interested in going through the motions of postnatal exercise and training based on what ‘might’ be damaging or not right for you at this time alone. I know that you also need goals and inspiration. I know you can be stronger and fitter than you have ever been.

When I work with a mum, I want to know what is going on the inside. I want to know how I can help her be her best. I also want to build a team around her. I’ve seen the value mums get from working with women’s health physios who are more qualified and skilled in this area than I am. They can tell me how to get the best from you in your training and also how to help you heal from the onslaught of pregnancy and childbirth. After all, there is only so much I can do with a client through touch and feel. Working in partnership with skilled people on your road to recovery and fitness will make you stronger, more focused and balanced than you imagined possible.

In training I use a red light, orange light and green light approach so we work together in the best possible way. A red light means you absolutely need to work on your rehab program at the exclusion of other activities. You shouldn’t be running or doing any other exercise that causes a great increase in intra abdominal pressure, especially in a standing position. Most women I see for the first time fall into the ‘orange light’ category, they have work to do but it’s not completely restrictive. They just need a little more awareness and complementary rehab exercises to go alongside what we do in order to get back to ‘normal’ – or past normal! A green light is the tick of approval. It means everything is working well and we can relax in the knowledge that your insides aren’t going to fall out any time soon. When you’ve got the green light I can push you that bit harder than if we were still playing the guessing game. These stages are lead by the improvements I see in your strength and form, and the updates I receive on your progress in physio. I use all of this information and everything I know about you to help you reach your full potential. I figure out what exactly it is that you want to achieve and show you that you can have children, and look and feel great. You can ‘get your body back’, maybe even a BETTER body! You can be strong again, you can be fit again and you can rediscover parts of you that you might have thought you’d lost.

I’m dedicated to spreading my message further and, as a result, I’m pleased to announce I am rolling out my very first ‘Safe Return to Exercise – how to be the best version of YOU ever’ workshop in Melbourne on Saturday 24th May with Sydney dates to be released soon.

You don’t have to be part of the ‘general population’. You don’t have to take postnatal guidelines out of a booklet and sacrifice being fit, healthy and focused just because you’ve entered motherhood. In my workshop, I will educate you on how to exercise safely during pregnancy and how to nurture yourself through your safe return to exercise once your baby has arrived. I will show you that you can become stronger and fitter than you have ever been with the right theories and techniques.

‘Safe Return to Exercise – how to be the best version of YOU ever’ is open to pregnant and postnatal mums, personal trainers (mums, bring your PT!) and anyone else who is interested in finding out more about working with mums.

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