Blog > Spartan Hurricane WOD 14.09.14

I am sure many of you are now familiar with Spartan Race. An event that myself, our Tough Mums and many of our now obstacle racing friends love taking part in. We travel the country to be able to run through mud and carry sand bags, climb walls and ropes, swing from monkey bars and swim through (VERY) cold creeks!

MKP_0646A few times a year Spartan also puts on what they call a Hurricane WOD. A three hour, six station, almost non-stop workout. I took part in my first one in 2013 and have then had the privilege of running stations at three subsequent WOD’s (the only downside to coaching them is not being able to take part myself!)

So – today was a WOD day and there’s nothing better to do on a Sunday morning than hanging out with a group of people who have hauled their backsides out of bed prepared for three hours of non stop Spartan training (sleep can wait ;)……

I had a great team by my side including Leah Richardson and Micheal Meredith (aka Platinum Lifestyle PT – no that’s not his real name)

For those of you who might like to re-create this mornings workout here it is:

You will need to download GYMBOSS onto your phone and set it to TABATA (20s on 10s off)

Complete one round of TABATA then take a run when you get back from your run complete 1minute of Prone, up, up, down, downs (of whatever you might call them)

Each set has one rope exercise and one body weight exercise

Set 1

Rope: Big Waves / BW: Half burpee sumo (from push-up position jump to sumo)

Set 2

Rope: Fast alternating flicks with squats / BW: Push-up thrusts

Set 3

Rope: Fast alternating flicks with lunge back / BW: Mountain climbers

Set 4

Rope: Figure of 8 / BW: Jumping lunges

Set 5

Rope: Arm in outs / BW: Squat Jumps


A MASSIVE well done to everyone who showed up and put in this morning – I had an awesome time and you guys worked really hard!

On a final note – for those of you that might want to ‘get your own back’ as part of my fundraising mission to raise $10k for The Hunger Project I will be taking part in a train the trainer event at Sydney Spartan in a few weeks time. Where, for a note donation you will be able to put me through my paces for an allotted time slot. Keep an eye out for my fundraising video which will be released this week and to find out more about my events, including a cocktail event with Commando Steve click here.

And if you haven’t registered already make sure you head to the Spartan website to signup for Sydney Sprint or Super on October 11th