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One of the things I love the most about Body Beyond Baby is the community of amazing and supportive women it brings together.  Women who are all exploring their way through motherhood, have great big hearts and know they need to move!

I’d like to introduce you to one of these women. Jo shared her story with us around what she is embarking upon and why at the start of one of our training sessions a few weeks ago. It hit me in the heart immediately and I knew we had to do our bit in sharing her story and supporting what she is up to.

I’ll let Jo tell her story:

“I’m Jo, Mum of two boys and Midwife (the best job in the world). I live my life passionately and with my heart firmly embellished onto my sleeve, it’s a trait that has taken me on a rollercoaster journey experiencing gracious highs and gut wrenching want to stop and get off and leave it all behind lows.
I’m in a good place right now and I’m excited because I’m putting demons to bed.

Jo & her mum captured in the photograph on the wall on her wedding day

In 1996 on my 20th Birthday my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to her bones and liver. I remember every single thing about that birthday like it is a movie in my head. We had spaghetti bolognaise for tea. I don’t remember blowing out the candles on my cake.

On September 6th 1997 (the day of Princess Diana’s funeral) my Mum lost her brave fight. I wasn’t there.

I struggled to come to terms with the fact that as the oldest sibling I wasn’t there to support my sisters. But now I’m taking that moment back.

To mark the anniversary of 20 years since Mum lost her fight, my sisters decided that they would join The Moonwalk London 2017 and walk 26miles around London in a decorated Bra with a group of supportive friends.

Yet again I felt this guilty feeling well up inside me, yet again I wasn’t going to be there.

So, with the support of my husband (who thinks I am crazy)I’m going, and my sisters have no idea. I’m secretly training my way around Sydney and am flying to London to surprise them to walk with them and to get rid of the guilt I still hold in my heart whilst raising funds for Breast Cancer Charity’s. And I’m so excited.

A huge thankyou to Jen, who has given me her support by allowing me to share my story via her page as I can’t share myself on social media as the surprise will be broken. It means a lot to me to be doing this. It’s not just about the walk, it’s about so much more.”

So, it would be absolutely amazing if we could all get behind Jo – maybe you know someone who has or had breast cancer and you would like to do your bit to support the wider community. Maybe you don’t but you appreciate being offered a way that you can easily make a difference in someone else’s life – I know that sometimes we want to give and we want to make a difference but we are not quite sure how.

Supporting Jo would mean a lot to her and given she can’t share her story on her own social media  and get too many friends and family involved because it might ruin her surprise then we can give her an extra push from our end and be her supportive friends and family instead.

Check out her fundraising page here  and please offer any support that you can.

Big thank you in advance x