Blog > The Postnatal ‘New Normal’ Debate – Part one

With over a decade in the fitness industry and close to nine years now working with mums alone, I have had the pleasure of working with many women who have put their trust in me to help them finally get to the bottom of where their bodies are right now and what their options for the future may be. Many of these women have spent months, sometimes years, not really knowing what is happening with their bodies, running from person to person trying to work it out or simply accepting that their ‘new post baby normal’ was what they had to live with for the rest of their lives

A lot of the time women are not fully informed about their post-natal body and don’t really know where to go for help, or they have been told so many conflicting things that they are confused and often emotionally upset by their bodies not being able to do what they once did. They feel let down, out of control, disheartened, or have just resigned themselves to the fact that they are not the same. Often they feel unattractive and lack the confidence they once had to interact in the world.

I absolutely love working with women who think that this is the way it is for them from now on, then challenging their beliefs and helping them to uncover new possibilities, or at least a new understanding of what’s going on inside and leaving them feeling more empowered and in control of their bodies. I know that when a woman regains this control it impacts on every area of her life and she will often begin to re-discover her inner spark.

I see my role as an interpreter, a communicator and an adviser of new ways. I am a connector to the right person who might be able to help and a resource to fill in the gaps of ‘not knowing’ – because you don’t know what you don’t know.

In my next few blogs, I’ll be introducing you to some brave women who I have worked with who are currently on their own journeys to rebuilding their bodies, broadening their understanding, re-finding their strength and rediscovering their futures.

It’s not always easy explaining to someone who has been pushing themselves (and loves it!) that they might need to step back and re-evaluate their exercise routine, and introduce an assessment and rehab element. I’m also very aware that mum’s exercise for head space and emotional wellbeing, so asking someone to reduce the intensity of their exercise can be met, understandably, with some resistance.

Despite this initial resistance I stand strong in what I am here to do. It is my priority that women who have chosen the path of motherhood have the ability to exercise and push themselves in many aspects of their lives, for years to come. That they feel strong, confident and are equipped with the tools they need to properly re-build from the inside out to become stronger and fitter than they have ever been is my mission. While it can seem like you are back on track and a ‘super-fit-mum’, when you skip the re-building phase this can, in some cases, be short lived when injuries and contraindications, specifically related to the inner unit, arise.

I encourage you to read these posts, especially if you are a woman who is pushing through any postnatal ‘stuff’ that deep down you know ‘isn’t quite right’. Read and understand these journeys and think about how they might relate to your own journey or that of another mother close to you.

We’ll start with Cath. I began working with Cath some time ago now and immediately picked up on her abdominal separation. It was quite deep and although she had already been exercising to quite a high level in a ‘boot camp style’ situation, she lacked a lot of control and I wanted to help.

Stay tuned for Cath’s story in my next blog and have a think about your postnatal journey so far.