What to pack on the day of a race


It is important to get up early and have a protein packed and carb based breakfast to sustain you through the race. It is also good to pack nuts, boiled eggs, tins of tuna, chicken, vegetable sticks – anything that you can easily snack on. You might also include fruits and muesli bars that are higher in carbohydrates than you might usually eat – you will need the energy! Each event has catering available, although best enjoyed after a race!

Pack water, coconut water or your favourite smoothie! As we can be out on the course from 1 – 3+ hours, you might want to pack it in a small cooler bag you are happy to leave at the bag collection points or in the car for later

Always good to pack sunscreen and apply before a race. Remember to leave all of your earrings, rings and watches (unless of course your watch is mud proof!) at home.

What to wear on the day
Your Tough Mum t-shirt and a pair of tight fitting tights or  shorts that won’t fall down and something that water and mud will not collect in. Do not forget to wear tight, well fitting socks and bring your runners that you don’t mind getting muddy! If you plan to race regularly you might consider getting some lighter, more race specific shoes – they often have more grip and drainage.

Post race
There are cold water showers available at some events. Make sure you pack some heavy duty plastic bags to carry your shoes and clothes home. Pack some towels and a clean change of clothing (suited to the weather) and lets not forget to pack a clean bra and some undies! Deodorant and baby wipes are great items to pack as well.

Most events offer entertainment and catering after the race and it is fun to sit back after the race, grab something to eat and run through the highlights of the race!

Getting to the events
Closer to each event, car pooling will be organised. So keep an eye out on our Facebook page for details.

To recap:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Sunscreen
  • No jewellery
  • Race clothes – Tough Mum T-shirt, tight shorts and socks, runners
  • Clean Clothes
  • Plastic Bags for dirty clothes
  • Deodorant
  • Baby Wipes
  • Time to chill out after the race!


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