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We absolutely love what we do – train mums to rebuild from the inside out. Tough Mum training inspires you to take your fitness to the next level. But don’t take our word for it! Instead we will let our clients tell you what they think…

I started training with Body Beyond Baby after my first child and absolutely loved it. So coming back to a Body Beyond Baby challenge after having my second child was a no brainer. The challenges are so much fun and Jen and her team whip you carefully into shape again. I initially set my eyes straight away on Tough Mum training, but needed to rebuild my core strength first.

Having done this now I recently started training with her fantastic Tough Mums team. I can honestly say I am absolutely pumped after each session. It’s great to try new things like rope climbing and monkey bars and it is brilliant and motivating to see how you get better and fitter by the week.

If you think you have seen everything there is to group personal training and getting fit than I dare you to attend…you will be surprised!

Tough Mum – do it if you wanna take your fitness to the next level and grow some nicely toned guns!

Christa Schwartz
May 2013

I started seeing Jen and the Body Beyond Baby team when my daughter was about 4 months old. I loved that she got the care that she needed and I got the time out that I needed as well. Training outside was just the most wonderful medicine for me as I had been cooped up inside with a newborn during the tail end of winter and it was hard to get out!

At first I was the constant complainer…my knee’s hurt, burpee’s hurt my back…but all the other mums were so much fitter than me, what had happened to my relatively “good” fitness level? Jen was so patient with me and encouraged me to get stronger so I signed up for the first Summer Challenge with the clear sentence that I said out loud that “I’m not doing it to loose weight I just want to get fitter…” I lost just over 5kg. I saw a change in my body and I loved it!

I was heading back to work full time and the Body Beyond Baby team were starting Early Risers sessions and I also signed up for my first “Tough Mum’s” event  – The Tough Bloke Challenge. I was hooked! I love the fun, I love the social aspect of the eventing, I love the sense of accomplishment but most of all I love that my 2 1/2 year old daughter has grown up with a fit mum and she now shows me how she can run and be strong like mummy and that is just the best bit!

I cannot recommend it enough, being stronger, fitter and I just love pushing myself further and harder but I can still remember the first run around the park and I thought I was going to keel over. Jen and the Body Beyond Team have me now signing up for events like Spartan and Tough Mudder where I am beating woman half my age and THAT is very cool.

Danette Elliott
May 2013

Mud, mud, glorious mud! Who’d of thought I would be spending my weekends rolling in, wading through, and (on occasion) swallowing mud? Certainly not me but that’s the situation I’ve found myself in on several occasions over the past 6 months or so. Welcome to the world of obstacle racing. Not something that would ordinarily appeal to me. My idea of a great weekend used to involve some good food, several glasses of red and sitting on my butt enjoying some great conversation with friends. But lately the idea of running through the fields with a bunch of mud-covered, neon branded mums has brought me great joy! Strange but true. My first race as a “tough mum”, Stampede, was supposed to be a 5km introductory event but as we neared the last section of the race we all agreed that we were having too much fun to end it all so quickly so we turned off and completed the 10km event. Many of us would never have contemplated the idea of a 10km event but you can’t underestimate the impact of being part of a such a supportive group of women. Not to mention the fun we have in training and during events – climbing ropes, swinging on monkey bars, throwing spears, oh, and did I mention the mud? Despite my reservations about being able to keep up with the fitter mums in the group, I’ve found that the Tough Mum training (and the events) caters to anyone who is willing to give it a go and put in the effort. Jen and the other trainers design our training sessions to suit all levels of fitness and during events we split into smaller groups to ensure everyone has support and motivation around them. So there is no excuse for not giving it a go – and there might even be a few cheeky glasses of red at the end to celebrate!

Yvette Salem
April 2013


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