Training schedule

Tough Mums Training Schedule

Tough Mums is all about taking your fitness to the next level. We offer a variety of group training session in Centennial, Queens Park and in various indoor locations that have awesome equipment that we know will challenge you, push you to the next level and prepare you for your upcoming obstacle race.

All of our Tough Mums have taken the time to rebuild from the inside out after having their baby, they have been assessed by our physio and have been given the all clear to ramp things up. Many of them have been training with us for sometime but we also welcome into our group mothers who have been training elsewhere and who would like to prepare specifically for obstacle racing.

Our Tough Mums trainers compete in obstacle races themselves, know what it is like on the day and know what you need to do in order to be as prepared as possible before taking part. At your Tough Mums training sessions you will train hard and you will train well, you will be challenged and you will be pushed and you will join a fantastic group of like minded mums!

Our mid week Tough Mums group training sessions include:

Tough Mums Early Risers
No nannies
Queens Park

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Tough Mums Weekend
No nannies
Centennial Park

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