Things here at MumSafe HQ are changing

Hey there!

I hope you enjoyed watching our video!  Isn't a supportive team the very best!!!

Here at MumSafe we are on a mission to ensure mums of ALL ages and stages are looked after safely and effectively.   We know that to do that we need to build an army of MumSafe Trainers.  Trainers that are passionate and that are driven to be the change-makers and to lead the way in improving the way our industry takes care of mums.

Did you know that mums make up 42.7% of our potential clientele yet our fitness certifications contain less than 1% education in this space.

We must do better.

So, right now we have our heads down and we are re-building our MumSafe offering and we are very excited to unveil this to you in early 2023.

Our word for this year is EXPANSION and we are taking this very seriously on all levels.

Please feel free to read on to get a feel for what MumSafe is all about and if you feel the call to find out more hit any one of our RED buttons, fill out our application form & one of our team will be in touch to talk to you about your next step while we go through our evolution.

We love that you are exploring sharing this mission with us, we truly believe that collaboration is the way forward & we look forward to talking with you soon.

Jen & your MumSafe Team x

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What's the difference between a
confident & thriving FitPro that is known for working with mums and you?

The only difference between where you are at right now and the confident, thriving version of you, who ensures all mums are looked after safely & effectively WHILST rocking your business on your terms (instead of saying yes to everyone) is that the latter you understands the importance of trusted guidance, the value of ongoing education AND the impact of a supportive mission-driven team.

Success takes consistent focused effort & I'll be providing you with my roadmap; complete with processes, templates, frameworks & the methodology I used within my successful fitness business so you can succeed too.

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Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You have SOME education in working with mums but you lack confidence.
  • You know you can HELP more mums but they don't know you exist.
  • You feel completely ALONE in everything you do. 


You know things need to change...

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You're overwhelmed, busy & tired. Most days you go round in circles with no results

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You're fed up. You can help more people but not being seen is holding you back

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You're unsure how to systemise & what to do to take your business to the next level


Say YES to becoming the MumSafe™️ authority in your space & business being on your terms!



Imagine how it would feel to...

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Never have to wonder if you are doing the right thing again.

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Have an amazing team of likeminded exercise professionals that ALWAYS have your back!

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Have years of knowledge & experience at your fingertips cheered on by a leader who whole heartedly believes in you!

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You deserve everything you put your mind to and I'm going to help you get there.


MumSafe™️ Membership

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The ONLY membership for FitPro's who work with mums that includes ALL of your ongoing technical education (+CEC's), business foundations & scale-up tools AND puts you in front of YOUR ideal client!  

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Spend your time focused on the things that will bring you the results you truly want.

Ready to take control of your fitness business & life?

Over the past 15yrs Jen has worked with 1000's of mums themselves & FitPro's to educate them in how to best work with their mum-clients. Over the past 3-years she has taken all of the knowledge & experience from running her award winning group training business for mums & turned her hand to helping others level up their business.

The MumSafe™️ Membership is designed to be your one-stop shop to truly creating a business that supports your whole life & enables you to make the impact you are capable of.

Through supporting many of her members to become locally famous for working with mums, re-design or launch their fitness business to serve their whole life (there are way too many tired & worn out PT's) & raise their prices you will be tapping into best practice, processes & systems that take years to develop yourself. You will become exposed to Jen's network in business & fitness & have the opportunity to gain feedback direct from Jen herself every month.


The results speak for themselves...

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“Becoming a MumSafe™️ Member is hands down the best investment I have made for my fitness business & it has absolutely exceeded my expectations in terms of value. 

I have learned so much about becoming the go-to MumSafe™️ trainer in my area, but beyond that I am continuing to learn how to create a biz that fits my values & my own busy mum-life.

The access to ongoing training with Jen & other industry professionals is incredible.

The community of other members is absolute gold - I have valuable input from other MumSafe™️ Trainers when I have questions, wonderful support through tough times & people to celebrate the wins with. Being part of this team makes me feel so much less alone as a business owner."

Alicia Johnson - Feel Good Fitness
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"Joining the MumSafe™️ Membership is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. I have gone from strung out & bunt out to flourishing personally & in business.
The tools & support I have received from Jen have been game-changing.

This is a place where all wins are celebrated no matter what size your business & the realities of life are recognised and supported.

The technical & business support is also fantastic - so much gold in there!

Being surrounded by amazing fitness professionals you are never alone."

Rachel Leman - Miss Motivator Women's Workouts


Ready to change your life & biz AND create an impact?



Here's how it all shakes out...

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Monthly Education Masterclass

Every month a live masterclasses with Jen & guest experts to further your education in working with women & mums.

Each of these masterclasses contribute to your 10 annual CEC's. You also gain access to our WHOLE back-catalogue of classes. Over 25 specialised masterclasses in working with women & mums on demand!

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Monthly business  Masterclasses

Every month a live business masterclass with Jen & guest experts to build your business your way!

Whether it's better understanding your finances, creating a lead magnet to bring in new clients or launching your very own retreat these masterclasses are designed to ensure you lay the foundations then build your biz to great heights (YOUR WAY!)

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Monthly LIVE Q&A and hotseats

Your opportunity to huddle & gain individualised feedback on your  journey

Often you will have specific questions about your journey & require guidance on where to go next. These session's provide direct feedback from Jen & the collective experience of the group.

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Your very own landing page....

....on our website

So you get ALL the CRED! and you can position yourself as the AUTHORITY in your area or discipline AND mums can find you!

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Video & Resource Library

All live session are recorded & uploaded into your portal so you can watch in your own time (or listen to our audio file as you get your training done)

Gain access to ALL of our previous education along with templates and systems to implement with speed & efficiency. 

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Invitation to our exclusive annual members retreat

Step out of everyday business and life and dedicate time to YOU & your biz.

If being part of a team full of super supportive & likeminded FitPro's is awesome being in a ROOM with those people is EPIC! You can't beat those in-person connections!


You're also going to get access to:

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BONUS #1 Get published online

We know that you are who google says you are & we also know how hard it can be hard to begin to grow your presence online. So we want to give you a leg up in the PROFILE stakes & give you the opportunity to be PUBLISHED on & ensure you become an authority in working with mums.

Value = $599

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BONUS #2 Targeted facebook & PR campaigns

Throughout the year we work with a external experts to drive your ideal client direct to your profile on the website

Upon completion of our FB campaigns you then get the opportunity to tailor and  continue the ad at a hugely reduced rate, leveraging from our audience & results.

Value = $999

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BONUS #3 Team Campaigns

Imagine having the impact of a big business inside your small fitness business. Our annual done-for-you & collaborative team campaigns put your business front and centre as part of a bigger mission.  Leverage PR in your local area & become known for what you stand for.

Value = $699

MumSafe™️ has been recently featured in and on....

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"Running a FitBiz can be isolating. You find yourself struggling to find answers & question your decisions.
What I love about the MumSafe™️ membership is the connection with Jen & other likeminded FitPro's. There is always support, answers & a crew of beautiful humans to cheer you on!
Plus with the masterclasses & portal you literally have all you possibly need to run a successful mum-focused fitness biz!
I'm so glad I took the brave step to align with Jen & the team. It's paid me back in spades!"

Kate Hickey - Empower 360 Fitness

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“All of the members in the MumSafe™️ Membership are so encouraging, welcoming & supportive.

In the portal you have access to education masterclasses & business tools to help you grow, expand & up skill. I like that you can work through these in your own time under no pressure. 

I am really enjoying be part of the community and highly recommend it. Thank you Jen.”

Danielle Coneliano - Stellar Performance

Helping you become locally famous is what we do!

Our MumSafe™️ Trainers have recently been featured in & on..

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Hey there,I'm Jen

First up!  Thank you for reading this far.

Whenever someone chooses to spend time with me (or learn about how I can help) I feel truly thankful. And I feel incredibly EXCITED that you have the belief in yourself and are ready to level up in both your business & life.

You can probably tell by now that I am incredibly passionate about making sure all Mothers are looked after safely & effectively within our fitness industry AND that I want to see YOU & your business reach your full potential. 

I know that taking a leap into any kind of commitment can be scary. I know this because I have been there myself & continue to put myself into environments that help me to grow, become the best I can be through learning & being supported by those that have been there before me. Why take the long road when I can fast track with help! 

A question I always ask myself when making a decision like this is "Will I wish I had taken the leap in 6-weeks or months time?", then I listen closely to my gut & LEAP!

I would be incredibly honoured to help you to get to where you want to be with your fitness business & ongoing education as efficiently & as supported as possible. 

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Helen Keller


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

This is not a course, this is your all encompassing membership experience. You will gain instant access & benefit from EVERYTHING you need to become THE go-to fitness professional or service for mums in your area, consistently level up your technical education in working with women & mums, gain all of your annual CEC's AND get in front of your ideal client. All while being supported by an epic team!

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This IS for you IF....


This is NOT for you IF....


Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions! Tell me more..

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You are so ready for this journey.

You are SO ready to be surrounded by an amazing team that has your back every step of the way. You are SO ready to step into the spotlight and help as many mums as possible to navigate their journey.

You are SO ready to put your hand up for support, know that you don't know it all but be guided confidently in the right direction. And you are SO ready to be running a kick-ass fitness business on YOUR terms that supports your whole life values.

I have put all of the things into one place that will help you do exactly this and more.

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"I knew immediately after completing SRE that I also wanted to join the MumSafe™️ membership team. At the time, one of the ways Jen described what she was aiming to create was the “Air BnB” of MumSafe Trainers. I absolutely wanted to be a part of that! It became pretty obvious once I joined though that it was going to be MUCH more than that! 

As someone who was used to working alongside other people in my previous job that was something I really missed when I started my own business. I found that support and camaraderie again when I joined the membership even though most of it was virtual. I love the “collaboration over competition” motto that we uphold so well within the team.

The monthly masterclasses covering a plethora of women’s health and business related topics is the icing on the cake! 

I have tried doing “business” by myself and it was very lonely. Now I have experienced otherwise I can’t imagine doing what I do without the support of Jen and everyone within the MumSafe™️ membership."

Sheridan Carthew-Wakefield - My Fit Mumma

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"I have been mentoring with Jen alongside being in the MumSafe™️ membership over the past 12 months, during that time I went from being new business owner to oversubscribed for both personal training and outdoor group training. 

Jen taught me the important foundations of being a business owner. Starting from knowing life values, setting boundaries, allowing time off to spend with family and much more. 

Jen is very structured in her approach but also understand the ups and downs of life. 

I like the accountability that we have in the sessions to ensure the business is kept on track.    

Jen and I are always working and progressing the business to the next step, I am always exited for our sessions. 

I feel very grateful to work alongside Jen and I would highly recommend the investment."

Emma Bunting - Motivate Mums

My Mission

It's my mission to ensure that all women are looked after safely and effectively within the fitness industry once they become a Mother.

To do this we must ensure that ALL Fitness Professionals have a sound general knowledge in working with mums.

And THEN we MUST ensure that those FitPro's that truly share this mission have a KICK ASS business that enables them to make their TRUE IMPACT in the world.

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Together we can create an impact AND rock your Biz! 

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