Hey there! I'm Jen!

I'm a fitness professional turned educator and mentor with a whole lot of passion & energy for helping fellow FitPro's create a business that serves their WHOLE life.

I've always had a passion for business creation & entrepreneurship as I truly believe that you cannot create the impact you are capable of if you don't have the business that allows it to.

I live near the beach in Sydney & when I'm not working you can find me hanging with my two little people, husband & hitting the trails in our local national park.

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My Mission


It's my mission to ensure that ALL women are looked after safely and effectively within the fitness industry once they become a mother.

To do this I we must ensure that ALL fitness professionals have a sound general knowledge in working with mums.

And THEN we MUST ensure those FitPros that truly share this mission have a KICK ASS business that enable them to make their TRUE IMPACT in the world.

Work with me
Jen Dugard MumSafe Mission

Starting her fitness industry career in her early 20's as a PT in a big box gym Jen launched her original brand 'Body Beyond Baby - Group Exercise with onsite childcare' in 2008.

She quickly became the leading exercise option for mums in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs & became known as the go-to trainer for mums.  Looking after 100's of mums each week Jen was one of the first trainers to work hand in hand with Women's Health Physiotherapists & begin to change the landscape of how mums were looked after within the fitness industry.

Recognising the need to reach more mums Jen made the transition to educating trainers.  She developed her pre & postnatal accreditation, Safe Return to Exercise, in 2016 & has now delivered this to 1000's of trainers across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan & even Bermuda.

Jen decided to sell her award winning group training business in 2018 to concentrate on education & also moved into mentoring fellow FitPro's to help them to grow their business.

Jen is a regular presenter at global industry events such as FILEX, FITEX and EXPRO, is author of the book How to Love your Body as much as your Baby and has won a bunch of cool business & industry awards along the way.

Jen's 'MumSafe Membership' is ra revolution to the fitness industry & is set to supercharge the businesses of those that share her mission 'To ensure all mums are looked after safely & effectively across the fitness industry' as she knows that only thriving businesses have the capability to create their full impact & reach their highest potential. 

Jen lives in Sydney with her husband, two children & puppy, she believes the future is education and collaboration and lives by her two life values of connection and courage. 

Meet Our Team

Jen Dugard

The Boss

Fiercely passionate about helping FitPros' that are committed to the MumSafe mission grow kick-ass businesses!  Lover of all things fitness & adventure, often found with a Friday wine!

Jacqui Toohey

Support Superstar

Behind every successful person is a support super star. Committed to helping women build strong & healthy minds & bodies, Jac is a lover of her daily endorphin hit & strong latte!

Mark Tanner

Design & Tec Wizard

Every impactful business needs a pixel pusher, designer & developer that delivers surprise & delight. Mark is a lover of all things nerdy, who wants for a better life!

Lorissa Cutler

Content Queen

We love quality content & Lorissa is on a mission to bring helpful, relevant and accurate information to mums everywhere. Loves daily walks and spending time with her family.