Ep 26. Creating Financial Security Through Building a Fitness Business She Loves with Lisa Price

Season #1

In this episode of The MumSafe Movement Podcast Jen is talking to Lisa of Body Resent Fitness as the third in our 'FOCUS ON YOU' mini series.  We will be dropping some extra podcasts during this time because we know that hearing the stories of others really helps you to understand you are not alone in your business.

Lisa's mission is to give ladies and mums a supportive environment alongside education about their bodies to reset and rebuild from the inside out. Lisa is a mum of two active teen boys and understands how strong you have to be to be a mother both physically and mentally. 

Body Reset Fitness was born out of the awareness that some ladies do not feel comfortable in a gym environment, they are not sure where to start or they need to be in an environment whereby they feel welcomed, comfortable, safe, included and seen.

Lisa became a MumSafe Trainer in 2019 and has made some huge transitions within her already established business which we will delve into in todays episode.  Lisa is a great example of someone who takes learnings, implements and constantly fines along the way.  She is also incredibly generous with her energy and support of other trainers in the team.

We know you are going to love learning from Lisa’s journey 

In this episode Jen and Lisa cover:

  • How Lisa got into the fitness industry 
  • Becoming a mother and starting to work with mums
  • How cert 3 and 4 don't have enough female focused content
  • Completing Safe Return to Exercise
  • Lacking business direction so she joined MumSafe
  • Doing everything for everyone else
  • Learning to create boundaries
  • Taking moments of me-time throughout the day - Lisa's 30mins of sunshine
  • Getting good sleep
  • Choosing what to say yes to
  • Knowing her numbers and learning to love spreadsheets
  • Never paying herself to celebrating 12months of paying herself a salary
  • The beach house dream
  • Choosing collaboration over competition
  • Creating community partnerships
  • Building her confidence as a new PT
  • Being oversubscribed
  • Sending weekly emails 
  • What she does in her community to attract new clients
  • Her new Women's Health and Maternal Journey's Collab
  • What Lisa stands for

You can connect with Lisa in the following places:

On IG https://www.instagram.com/bodyresetfitness/

Via her profile at https://mumsafe.com.au/type/trainer/body-reset-fitness/ 

On this episode Jen mentioned her upcoming 3-day bootcamp for exercise professionals that are ready to become known as the go-to trainer for mums - you can sign up for that here.

And applications to become a MumSafe Trainer are open from the 8th - 15th November - go here to get on the waitlist now.

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