Ep 27. When Personal Experience & Passion Collide to Create a Fitness Business for Mums with Dani Petrik

Season #1

In this episode of The MumSafe Movement Podcast Jen is talking to Dani Petrik of Newy Fitness as the fourth in our 'FOCUS ON YOU' mini series.  

Dani is a qualified pre and postnatal coach and a proud mum of two boys. She understands first-hand the physical and emotional highs and lows that come with giving birth. Dani's own postnatal journey taught her how resilient a woman's body can be with the right support and guidance.

That's why she founded Newy Fitness - a safe space where women can build up strength and confidence in their bodies through exercise post-birth. Dani's approach to coaching also focuses on educating women about their bodies and promoting confidence in training outside of the Newy Fitness sessions.

Dani’s personal experience of birth trauma and prolapse are behind the drive she has to make sure no mother ever feels disempowered like she did.  She believes every woman needs education and hope.

Jen wanted to speak with Dani today as she is one of our newer MumSafe Trainers having only been with us for the past 9months.  When she joined us she was in the process of re-branding and re-launching her business after her second child and really wanted to gain more support from both an education and business perspective and wanted to be part of a community of support.

Through trial and error she has created a business that works for herself, her family and her clients and is excited about what 2024 will bring now she has great foundations in place.

If you’re at the early stages of your fitness business journey or have ever struggled with your confidence this is going to be a fantastic episode for you.

In this episode Jen and Dani cover:

  • Rewriting her T's and C's
  • Shifting from viewing her business as a hobby to a real business
  • Overcoming fear
  • How Dani got into the fitness industry
  • Her history with an eating disorder
  • Her first experience in the competitive world of Personal Training
  • Having her baby, experiencing birth trauma and prolapse
  • Meeting her Women's Health Physio's - The Female Focus Physiotherapy & Aline Fillipe
  • Being dismissed by her obstetrician
  • Taking part in a MumSafe business challenge then deciding to join the MumSafe team
  • Joining MumSafe before she had re-launched her business
  • Her ideal client
  • Client success
  • There are so many women that need the support of a MumSafe Trainer
  • Figuring out her business structure
  • Being a perfectionist
  • Following and resisting the process
  • Learning that more and cheaper isn't better
  • Overcoming overwhelm
  • What she is doing to bring more mums into her business
  • Co-hosting a podcast with Physio Caitlin Dailey - Check it out here 
  • Her biggest changes since joining MumSafe
  • Collaboration over competition

To connect with Dani on her IG go here - https://www.instagram.com/newyfitness/

Check out her profile on the MumSafe website here - https://mumsafe.com.au/type/trainer/newy-fitness/

Applications to become a MumSafe Trainer are open from the 8th - 15th November - go here to get on the waitlist now.

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