Ep 31. Infertility, C-Sections, Motherhood & Business with Libby Babet

Season #2

In this episode Jen talks to Libby Babet founder of The Upbeat in Sydney's Bondi, co-founder of Chief Nutrition and high end and sustainable active wear brand Earthletica along with being mum to her two beautiful children.

Libby shares the importance of creating a supportive environment and being a great trainer to attract and retain clients. Libby also discusses her struggle with infertility due to medication and the challenges she faced in trying to conceive. She discusses the impact of high blood pressure on her health and how she shifted her focus to nurturing her body.

Libby talks about the challenges of peeling back her intense exercise routine and increasing her calorie intake to create a safe environment for pregnancy. She shares the emotional journey of accepting the possibility of not having children and the joy of discovering she was pregnant.

Libby also discusses her choice to have planned C-sections and the importance of making decisions that are right for oneself.  Jen and Libby also discuss the importance of pelvic floor health and postnatal recovery. They emphasise the need for women to seek help from pelvic health physios and engage in postnatal programs to ensure proper rehabilitation and strength building. They also discuss the challenges of postnatal recovery, including the importance of taking the time to focus on rehab rather than rushing back into intense exercise.

Libby shares her experience of not becoming an overnight postnatal specialist just because she had a baby and highlights the importance of consistency and self-care for mums. They also discuss the significance of mental health and connection for women, particularly during the postnatal period. Libby shares her strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a busy mum, including finding quick and nutritious food options and incorporating movement into daily routines.

They conclude the conversation by discussing Libby's work as an ambassador for ActiveKids and her passion for helping women and children develop a love for movement and prioritise their health.

To connect further with Libby you can find her on Instagram here.

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