Ep 32. Why MumSafe, Why now?

Season #2

In this episode, Jen discusses the origins and purpose of MumSafe, a movement dedicated to providing postpartum education and support for mothers facilitated by an army of exercise professionals that represent the gold standard in pre and postnatal exercise. She shares her personal journey and the frustrations that led her to create MumSafe. Jen emphasises the importance of proper certification and education for trainers working with mums, especially those running services specifically for mums such as group exercise for mums, mums and bubs classes, Pilates for mums, yoga for mums and more.

As well as the need for clear criteria and standards in the fitness industry and indications for mums to understand who they are choosing to work with. She calls for collaboration and unity among trainers to advocate for better care for mums. Jen concludes by inviting trainers to join the MumSafe mission.

Applications to become a MumSafe Trainer are currently open and close on the 31st May.

Complete your application here - https://www.jendugard.com/mumsafeapplication-2024


If you are a mum listening to this episode and want to work with a mum-specific Personal Trainer or in a mum group fitness environment head to www.mumsafemovement.com 

If you are a coach, trainer or instructor who would like to learn more about becoming a MumSafe Trainer visit www.jendugard.com/mumsafetrainer

And if you would like to complete your pre and postnatal certification go to https://www.preandpostnatalexerciseacademy.com/safereturntoexercise

Please direct all questions either to [email protected]u or into Jen's DM's over on Instagram @jendugard





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