Ep 33. Prolapse, Pessaries and Finding Her Sweet Spot with Taryn Watson

Season #2

Instagram hereIn this episode Jen talks to Taryn Watson - Physiotherapist with a Masters in Continence and Women's Health and co-founder of FitRight Women's Health.  She has worked in private practice in Perth and London for 15 years, niching down into the area of pre and postnatal exercise, and 'pelvic floor friendly' exercise for women of all ages.

10 years ago she created the business 'FitRight' and created a Pregnancy Exercise DVD. This quickly morphed into FitRight branded pregnancy and postnatal pilates classes, and then a training program to train other physiotherapists around Perth to become FitRight instructors,

Throw in an IVF journey, two children and a pandemic, and Taryn's business journey has been quite a rollercoaster of adapting and surviving along the way! In 2022, Taryn started a second business, FitRight HQ, a multidisciplinary Women's Health Clinic,

In this episode Jen & Taryn delve into one af Taryn's passion areas; Prolapse and pessary support.

Key Topics covered include:


  • Introduction and Personal Experiences
  • Taryn's Clinic and Pregnancy Power Program
  • Focus on Prolapse Management
  • Understanding Prolapse and its Symptoms
  • Balancing Exercise and Prolapse Management
  • The Importance of a Comprehensive Pelvic Floor Assessment
  • Assessing Prolapse in Standing: Considering Gravity
  • Understanding Prolapse: Connective Tissue vs. Pelvic Floor
  • The Benefits of Pessaries for Prolapse
  • Using the NAC Technique for Prolapse Symptom Relief
  • Pelvic Floor Training and CrossFit
  • Considerations for Trainers Working with Clients with Prolapse
  • Prolapse: Not a Life Sentence

To connect further with Taryn you can find her on Instagram here

And her website here https://fitrightwomenshealth.au/


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