Ep 36. Working with Mums to Save our Teenage Girls with Kate Hickey

Season #2

In this episode Jen talks to Kate Hickey, a professional dancer turned exercise coach professional and MumSafe Trainer, about her journey and the work she does with mums and teenagers.

Kate is committed to empowering women and teens to feel strong, confident, and beautiful, drawing from her background in dance and fitness to address unhealthy body image perceptions. Her creation of the Empower360 Teen Fitness Challenge stemmed from observing these issues among young dancers.

Recognising the influential role of mothers in shaping teens' beliefs, she developed the E360 Functional Fitness program for women. This holistic approach combines outdoor group fitness, a free nanny service, and guidance from women's health experts. 

Kate advocates for self-love and nurturing practices, rejecting extreme workouts or diets, and prioritising well-being. With certifications as a Female Health and Performance Coach and MumSafe trainer, Kate cultivates a supportive community, positively impacting the lives of women and teenagers

Jen & Kate discuss topics such as onboarding systems in business, the importance of changing the way young women feel about their bodies, and the challenges of postnatal recovery. They also touch on the need for caution and proper assessment in prenatal and postnatal exercise, as well as the demands of running a business while being a mum. Kate discusses the challenges faced by women in balancing personal and professional responsibilities, particularly in the context of motherhood. She highlights the importance of setting boundaries, managing energy drains, and prioritising self-care. Kate also shares her personal experience of going through early menopause and the need for better education and support for women at different stages of their lives. Her vision for the future includes creating a female-only training facility that provides not only physical training but also information, support, and open conversations about women's health and well-being.

Key topics include:

  • Kate's Journey and Background
  • The Impact of Dance and Fitness on Young Women
  • The Importance of Language and Body Image
  • The Need for Caution and Assessment in Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise
  • Managing the Demands of Business and Motherhood
  • Balancing Personal and Professional Responsibilities
  • The Importance of Boundaries, Energy Management, and Self-Care
  • Navigating Early Menopause and the Need for Better Education and Support
  • Creating Female-Only Training Facilities for Women's Health and Empowerment

To connect further with Kate you can do so here on Instagram and via her profile at www.mumsafemovement.com


At the start of this episode we mentioned our brand new on-demand masterclass - Beyond her 6-week check-up which you can grab right here.

If you are a mum listening to this episode and want to work with a mum-specific Personal Trainer or in a mum group fitness environment head to www.mumsafemovement.com 

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